simple pleasures: mille vies, a thousand lifetimes

I have dreams and visions for a thousand lifetimes.
— Dustin Yellin

i spend much of my free time reading about the work + the lives of my heroes who are esteemed for their doctrines of nonviolent protest to achieve social and political progress. mahatma gandhi, martin luther king, jr, nelson mandela and mother theresa are among my favorites. my own dreams for today and the future are a world where the fashion industry, a creative industry that i employ daily to express myself, protects workers, the environment and animals. i dream of transparency. 

is your favorite brand respecting their workers and does it care about their lives? a 2013 safety program, in which over 200 fashion brands participate, has been working to make garment factories in bangladesh into safe workplaces. this safety program ends in may 2018, and it's important for consumers + citizens to place pressure on fast fashion companies to sign the accord and work towards providing safe factories for workers. take action + sign here and use your voice on social media to ask h+m to commit to its promise of living wages

eco travels: amsterdam, the city of freedom

20170807_2795 II.jpg

the city of freedom + fantasy

while walking along the tree-lined canals of amstserdam on a clear day, a svelte gentleman in a finely-tailored, navy blue suit whizzed by on a scooter. not an unusual sight in the world of blithe bicyclists and zippy commuters on vespas in europe; however this particular gentleman had in tow about 100 pink helium balloons cascading behind like an inflated liberace cape or a one-man pink parade; so many balloons, in fact, i felt i'd been transported inside the animated pixar film up, a fantasy world come to life. 

in that moment i made the decision to simply soak in the smile-inducing spectacle; i left my camera in its case as i watched him ride into a bubble-gum pink sunset. i did however snap shots of some of my fave museums, green spots + plant-strong restaurants to share with you here, including some fabulous cafes with savory vegan dishes to keep you healthy, happy + extra alert when an unexpected personal one-hued rainbow floats by. without further ado, let's draw the curtain on this beautiful, green city!

amsterdam, known as the city of freedom, is one of the world's most multicultural cities and has a fascinating history of tolerance in the netherlands. originally a small fishing village in the 12th century, amsterdam would eventually become one of the most important ports during the 1600s and a haven for religious dissidents. referred to as the world's most liberal city by author russell shorto, he shares, "it was also the publishing centre for the racy philosophical tracts that were too hot to be printed in france or england." * so no burning of the books here, oh la!

20170805_2266 (1).jpg

the world's most liberal city

i didn't understand why people continued to ask me if i smoked before, during + after my trip to amsterdam. i realize now that they weren't referring to cigarettes. but i do know about delicious, nourishing food + museums filled with vibrant works of art. here are my faves: 1. van gogh museum so much has been written about the prolific artist, but you'll never know the depths of this passionate painter until you've spent a day in this museum. give yourself ample time to listen to the heartfelt letters exchanged between edgar and his brother theo, as well as artists paul gauguin and emile bernard; 2. fashion for good museum if you wear clothes + you love to learn, come hither. this museum creates a light, colorful + edifying environment where visitors can learn about the pioneers and innovators in the slow fashion world. become involved in a movement to accelerate positive change within the fashion industry and to protect workers + the earth; 3. rijksmuseum just a stone's throw away from the van gogh museum is the dutch national museum, housing objects of history from 1200-2000 which include glorious  art pieces from the "golden age" by masterly painters rembrandt + vermeer.


green spaces + smiling faces

4. wondel park i read about the most visited park in the netherlands, welcoming over 10 million visitors each year, but it wasn't until i was sitting in my very own little corner of this vast, green space that i realized why travelers are drawn to this lush park + broad landscape. there is so much energy from travelers near + far. free concerts are offered at the open-air theater during the summer months + the historical pavilion houses terrace cafe vertigo. dogs, bicyclists, children, runners, relaxers are all welcome; 5. nature's fast food if you're a snack-powered voyager like me, then try stach for fruit, granola, nut mixes + homemade chips with salsa and juice brothers for the most energizing smoothies, vegan pudding + vegan cheesecake too! multiple locations throughout the city for eco boys + girls who need to refuel.


waste not, want not: rescued food + recovered energy

a city with a lofty energy + environmental agenda, amsterdam is increasing its solar and wind powered energy capacity in hopes of being energy neutral by 2025.* amsterdam's solid waste is burned to produce heat + power for the city, and a number of earth-friendly enterprises are also providing green alternatives: 6. meatless districtlocated in the old west, this restaurant + bar offers a changing seasonal menu of organic + vegan dishes. one of the best burgers i've had during my travels was here. phenomenal service and a warm, inviting atmosphere. cool kids of all ages dress up + gather here seven days a week. call ahead for reservations; 7. alchemist garden is a relaxed cafe serving up raw + vegan fare. they have a fun selection of natural + organic gifts including chocolate + teas. free live music later in the evenings draws in the crowds for a lively, buena vista atmosphere; 8. instock learning that 1/3 of food production is wasted was eye-opening, but finding eco entrepreneurs who are using unsold food picked up at local supermarkets to create great plates of healthy cuisine is heartening. instock uses the bounty of this city's produce to turn food surplus into savory meals in a sophisticated environment {see below}. creative chefs at this singular cafe craft dishes made from thoughtfully chosen ingredients. a quaint, expansive space with vegan + gluten-free options. for more veg options pop on over here

van 3.jpg

politically progressive, socially integrated and beautifully atmospheric, amsterdam is a city with many draws, and i encourage visitors to pop in to the growing number of inventive + unprecedented green enterprises in the city of freedom!

simple pleasures: rebondir, bounce back

You should not allow yourself the luxuries of discouragement or despair. Bounce back immediately, and welcome the adversity because it produces harder thinking and harder drive to get to the objective.
— Ralph Nader

my objective? it's always travel. i always feel a little bit larger spiritually + stronger emotionally after my travels, a little bit wiser if you will. this summer, as i celebrate six years of health - that's 6 years cancer free! - i reflect upon my many blessings and my happy journey towards wellness + green living. those of you that follow along on instagram know that traveling is my life, and with a renewed ability to walk, hike, skip, jump, stroll + meander anywhere i'd like thanks to the gift of health, i'll explore a new country with the curiosity + wonderment of a child, then i report back to you here! last summer i was fortunate enough to visit four unique towns throughout belgium; you may remember the magical, vegan waffles that were a part of the adventures. a recent trip to the continent of africa, the mysterious + magical country of morocco, was also quite inspiring. this week, i'll share a photocentric voyage to amsterdam, a truly fortifying trip to a remarkable city, full of bold colors + fiery energy. i'll be sharing some of my favorite vegan restaurants, cafes + truly peaceful green spaces with you here so stay tuned eco boys + girls!

eco boutiques: inside vegan paris, peel slowly + see


today we're taking a peek inside the eco, ethical + animal-friendly paris fashion scene. manhattan had the factory, the studio for avant-garde pop artist andy warhol and a hub for talented artists + smartly dressed glitterati; today paris has an eco + ethical version: manifeste. i imagine if andy warhol had an apparel boutique to sate his appetite for cutting-edge clothing, including his signature black turtlenecks + finely-crafted tailored jackets, it would look a lot like this. a magnet for those seeking cool, minimalist pieces, visitors can expect clean fashion brands like good guys shoes in futuristic shades of silver; fade out unisex clothing made of deconstructed vintage textiles using handicraft methods; slinky, sexy little eco tees from by signe; and organic cotton denim from facon jacmin. handmade jewelry also on tap. stop in or shop it here

14 rue jean macé | 75011 paris | ALL VEGAN

aujourd'hui demain

a sustainability-focused enterprise with an influence that flows beyond eco + ethical products, this all vegan concept shop is the first of its kind in paris. the sun-drenched, ballroom sized space includes a makeup bar, an apparel boutique, and a grocery shop with everything you need for home + hearth. this is where you come for your daily supplements + protein powder to stay strong like popeye. everything on premises is organic, fair trade, and animal friendly. oh, and there's a free photo booth at your disposal. jump in, it's mug time. pop in to see how insouciantly cool vegan designs can be + how incredibly delicious a plant-based meal can taste. there is a spacious cafe with happy plants inside. expect the best veg sandwiches on this side of the pond, gluten-free options available. get your fab will's sneakers on or these slip into a pair of fly insecta shoes - pun intended; beautifully spartan, organic cotton sweatshirts for city slickers from colorful standard; and coat perfection from embassy of bricks and logs because good looking jackets can consider both animals + garment workers. stop in or shop it here.

42 rue du chemin vert | 75011 paris | ALL VEGAN

la pradelle

this online vegan shop is offering a curated selection of items to keep your whole life in tip top, plant-strong shape. you'll find the quintessential wardrobe staple with this sleek top by french kiss; the perfect black + white striped carryall for summer days from camille; bounce back from anything in these street sneakers by nae made from recycled airbags, cork + pineapple fibers. and you all know by now how i feel about plastic-free bath products: bring on the bottle-less + brilliant product that is the shampoo bar. ordering mine with one hand and typing this with the other hand, bar by pure; and if beauty is within, then sexy is underneath with these sweet lingerie pieces. bonus points for a really rad blog full of eco tips + info. shop it all online here

online shop | ALL VEGAN

centre commercial

somebody loves color in here. this is an eco lifestyle boutique featuring some venerable slow fashion brands. this is also where you come to inject a shot of vibrant color, noisy patterns or oversized chic into your wardrobe. a range of raw denim is available + vegan veja baskets can be found on tap. up your swimsuit game with whimsical pieces by roseanna; flowers are perpetually in bloom with these poppin' + sprightly designs by suzi winkle; a subdued, soothing color palette is seasonless, i do say, from aurelie lecuyer. there's a wait for the fitting rooms, so be on your toes because things are moving fast at this large, open venue. stop in or shop it here.  

9 rue madame | 75006
2 rue de marseille | 75010

paris paradigm shift

slow fashion activist + author, kate fletcher, reminds consumers that paradigms are the sources of systems. she shares, "if we influence something at the level of a paradigm, then a system can be totally transformed. paradigms affect ideas and thoughts and are information led." and all it takes is a new way of seeing. pop into these slow fashion + animal loving shops offering a convincing, compassionate + ethical paradigm that is more sustainable + animal-friendly by design: a whole new way of seeing fashion + kind living. peel back a little bit of paris to discover all the good inside!

centre commercial + la pradelle images c/o eco companies