{fashion revolution} fast fashion: transparency wanted

two weeks from today will mark the three year anniversary of the rana plaza complex disaster, in which 1,134 garment workers were killed and over 2,500 men + women were injured when the factory they were working in collapsed in dhaka, bangladesh. if you're wondering why it's important to choose slow fashion brands over fast fashion brands or what you can do to help transform the fashion industry, start here:

1. watch | regarder

the true cost documentary {available on netflix}

2. read | lire

dig into this book about the apparel industry to die for: is fashion wearing out the world?

 or start here with this article

3. take action | exécuter 

visit fashion revolution to discover simple ways to become involved. slow fashion advocates are asking citizens around the world to take a quick pic of yourself showing the label of the garment + asking apparel companies, "who made my clothes?" post your pics to social media + don't forget to hashtag #whomademyclothes + #fashrev

4. learn | apprende 

one of my favorite eco boutiques kaight has a lovely blog that is currently posting a series 22 ways to #gogreen, with my favorite being #6 demand transparency:

problem: unregulated factories in the developing world are responsible for the production of most western goods. yet, most of them offer unsafe working conditions as evidenced by the rana plaza complex disaster in which more than 1134 people were killed. 
solution: demand transparency from the manufacturers and vote with your dollars.

one of the easiest ways to use your voice for change is to ask questions + let companies know that you are a conscious consumer + citizen who cares about the workers who made your clothes as well as where + how your clothes were produced. send messages or if you're in a shop ask managers, "who made my clothes? is this item made under fair trade standards?"

finally, join the #30wears challenge! ask yourself before buying a new item of clothing if you would wear it at least 30 times. follow along on instagram for a ride on my own personal 30-wear eco journey {check out the right sidebar for a list of ethical brands + eco boutiques}.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!