{eco eats} wild + the moon: the rhythm of nature in paris

Through food we align with the rhythm of nature. this is slow food set to an urban beat.
— Wild + the Moon

servez-vous: a lovely plant-powered animal activist + fellow blogger from tennessee, living in new york, recommended this cafe in paris to me. and what a fine rec. this is wild + the moon.

i struck out early in the morning one day to find it, but i ended up a little turned around. that's when i found out that there are two wild + the moon venues: a juice bar + cafe. and thank goodness for both. expect colorful quinoa bowls, detoxifying smoothies {my fave: the black gold with almonds, dates, activated charcoal + sea salt}, handmade chocolate macaroons, zesty kale chips, raw cacao bars with hemp + nib from pana cacao and fresh focaccia sandwiches. all vegan, all gluten-free. all so delicious. oh, and great customer service.

the folks at wild + the moon use no refined sugar, no additive, no chemicals, no gmos, no soy, no dairy, no gluten. what's left? the good stuff, my friends: pure + unprocessed.

i like my food the way i like my fashion: slow.

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