{eco travels} sustainable belgium: brussels vegan café guide

before embarking on my journey through belgium, i read about its rich history, its florid architecture, its diversified culture and its golden waffles, of course. i also read about the adventures in veggie restaurants that await intrepid travelers. what does the vegan restaurant scene look like and does a crispy vegan version of the legendary belgium waffle really exist? today we explore the eateries that offer healthy fare to keep voyagers' energy levels naturally elevated + spirits sky high:

just as the sight of fantastical castles saturates the landscape {i learned that belgium has more castles than any other country}, the light scent of cake batter, warm waffles in the making, permeates the air in brussels, a truly palatable + pleasing combination indeed. prior to my arrival, i searched high + low for a vegan cafe/resto guide to brussels, asking fellow bloggers + reaching out to instagram friends. there were several tips, but no definitive guides; i did stumble across this vegan eats guide unexpectedly, a gift from the great google gods, but the truth is, the vegan waffle seemed only a myth until i ventured out of brussels. this is a selection of veggie cafes, offering plant-strong vegan options and yes, the fluffy, fabled belgium waffle does exist:

{ C H Y L }

chyl cafe: {vegetarian + vegan}: chyl is a one-stop shop, offering a charming cafe {reservations highly recommended} and a grocery store chock-full of bath + beauty products, dry goods sold by the bulk, fresh + organic produce, and fun snacks + mealtime ingredients from a plethora of sustainable food companies. i discovered that chyl also offers housing; move over airbnb. if you like sleek minimalism, check out their bright + stylish rooms. chyl cafe promises "a bright spot in the middle of the city where time stands still, if only for a little while." 62 rue de belle-vue, 1000 brussels / +32 2 648 34 76

{ D O L M A }

dolma restaurant {vegetarian + vegan}:  serving vegetarian + vegan cuisine since 1973, dolma restaurant's motto is "infinietely veggie" and they have a beautiful buffet, with a seemingly limitless reserve of local + organic ingredients. menu offerings include in-season vegetable tarts, soups and + salads and of course tasty desserts. dolma also has a grocery store nearby offering bath + beauty products, household products, and fresh fruits, vegetables + healthy ingredients for those who want to cook up nutritious meals in the comfort of their own home. 329 chaussée d’ixelles, 1050 brussels / quartier flagey / +32 2  649 89 81


{ M O O N  F O O D }

moon food {fully vegan}: touts itself as the first vegan cafe in brussels. this is the place for raw, vegan + gluten-free options including veggie wraps + lasagna as well as freshly-baked breads. detox juices + snacks for take away available. desserts include sweet treats like orange + apple pie, cheesecake + pistache matcha crumble. 58 rue des colonies, 1000 bruxelles / +32 2 303 43 32




{ A M I }

ami cafe {vegetarian + vegan}: serving gourmet, modern vegetarian + vegan cuisine, ami offers sandwiches, croquemonsieurs, mixed salads, soups, veggie burgers and more. their motto is "a contribution of freshness and originality." this is a charming cafe with a warm atmosphere + quaint outdoor terrace. 13 rue lesbroussart, 1050 brussels / +32 2 646 88 41


{ L A  G R A N E R I E }

la granerie {fully vegan}: la grainerie is a grocery store specializing in superfoods and dried products by weight, all sans packaging; a small coffee shop onsite offers snacks + refreshments. also a 100% vegan caterer offering a range of plant-strong options for special events + occasions. 112 rue de tenbosch , 1050 brussels / +32 2 217 98 27

**the belgium waffle in vegan form does truly exist. it is like the white giraffe, rarely seen but surely non-fictional. a short trip to antwerp revealed a little vegan + gluten-free bakery crafting cloudlike waffles with deep pockets that i recommend to every traveler who wishes to partake in this delectable delicacy {gluten-free version available}. more travel adventures + healthy eats tips to come fellow voyagers.

{don't forget the tip} it's important to remember that the restaurant landscape changes often, so call ahead to make sure each eatery is open. holiday closings might coincide with your lofty eating plans}.

next week we'll be bouncing around brussels' sustainable fashion landscape. stay tuned!

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{images by ev // interiors via happy, veggie cafes}