{simple pleasures} les fauves: the wild beasts

An artist is an explorer.
— Henri Matisse

"when matisse's woman with a hat was first exhibited at the annual paris salon in 1905, people were so outraged by the painting that they clawed at it with their fingernails. matisse and his fellow painters were dubbed the "fauves" {wild beasts}, and matisse was, for better or worse, crowned as their ringleader. the public didn't know it yet, but his painting had just created a seismic shift within the art world. one of the masters of modernism had jsut made his first mark.

the young matisse had intended to go into the field of law, but he contracted appendicitis when he was twenty-one and ended up bedridden. to distract him during his convalescence, his mother bought him some art supplies--and changed the course of his life. he later explained, "from the moment i held the box of colors in my hands, i knew this was my life. i threw myself into it like a beast that plunges toward the thing it loves." excerpt from forever paris by christina henry de tessan

here's to unleashing our inner beasts: may we all follow our passions.