ethical fashion: good on you, the slow fashion app

when i was studying at the school of the art institute of chicago, i learned not to lionize or demonize any one brand or company. i learned that what we don't want as a society + as consumers is to have profitable or successful brands fail, but rather, we want them to continue to exist as a sustainable entity, as an ethical business, as a socially responsible organization.

as consumers, we want transparency, we don't want to be greenwashed; we want companies to continue to create unique + utilitarian goods, always with the health of the planet + the health of workers in mind.

when a family member in the u.s.a. recently asked me how to find out whether a brand or label is sustainable + ethically produced, i recommended good on you app. i've been waiting for an app like this to come along. this is a free + easy-to-use app for those seeking to vote with their dollars and invest in companies that are producing wares with respect to its workers, to our ecosystem, and to animals. this is good on you:

currently the app is available in america + australia. how the app works:

1/ you can check how a brand rates {currently there are over 1,000 brands listed from fast fashion labels to slow fashion brands}. not sure where to start? search by category {gloves, hats, etc.}

2/ if there's a brand you love {for example, j.crew or madewell} and you'd like to search for an ethical alternative, you can find options with the tap of a finger with the "similar brand" button

3/ the app has built in a correspondence feature which allows you to communicate to brands that you'd like to see change, to ask a question or to offer positive feedback

4/ there's also a blog with great round-up posts sharing helpful information about the eco brands listed on the app

the rating system works like this:

if you're seeking guidance on your journey to conscious consumerism, this a good place to start. craving more great green apps? check out this list of 5 sustainable living apps by sam at fair + fierce.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!