simple pleasures: rebondir, bounce back

You should not allow yourself the luxuries of discouragement or despair. Bounce back immediately, and welcome the adversity because it produces harder thinking and harder drive to get to the objective.
— Ralph Nader

my objective? it's always travel. i always feel a little bit larger spiritually + stronger emotionally after my travels, a little bit wiser if you will. this summer, as i celebrate six years of health - that's 6 years cancer free! - i reflect upon my many blessings and my happy journey towards wellness + green living. those of you that follow along on instagram know that traveling is my life, and with a renewed ability to walk, hike, skip, jump, stroll + meander anywhere i'd like thanks to the gift of health, i'll explore a new country with the curiosity + wonderment of a child, then i report back to you here! last summer i was fortunate enough to visit four unique towns throughout belgium; you may remember the magical, vegan waffles that were a part of the adventures. a recent trip to the continent of africa, the mysterious + magical country of morocco, was also quite inspiring. this week, i'll share a photocentric voyage to amsterdam, a truly fortifying trip to a remarkable city, full of bold colors + fiery energy. i'll be sharing some of my favorite vegan restaurants, cafes + truly peaceful green spaces with you here so stay tuned eco boys + girls!