{eco beauty picks} 4 natural oils to feed your skin

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feed your skin

we've all heard the adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," but did you know that fruits + vegetables promote wellness inside + out? plant oils are effective + deeply-penetrating moisturizers, creating the kind of affect on one's skin that previously only hebe, goddess of youth, seemed to be capable of bestowing upon mortals. what exactly is the difference between commercial lotions and plant oils? 

most commercial moisturizers are made up of water, alcohol, animal fats, preservatives + artificial fragrances. these water-based products require chemical preservatives to keep them from breeding mold + bacteria. the ingredients can clog pores, exacerbate skin conditions + are harmful to health.

plant extracts hold a rich concentration of vitamins + minerals {they contain high levels of tocopherols, aka vitamin e} + powerful antioxidants. plant oils possess polyphenols {a natural anti-inflammatory}, phytosterol {compounds that strengthen the protective skin barrier} + squalene: all ingredients that nurture skin + hair health. i admit, the plant nerd in me is quite fascinated by the healing properties that nature offers {anti-oxidant! anti-fungal! antibacterial!}.

i've put together a list of  natural + potent moisturizers made from organic, consciously-sourced + wild-harvested ingredients, derived from flowers, fruits, vegetables + nuts. they present in an array of lovely earthen hues: amber, pale yellow, deep gold + mild green and have innumerable beneficial properties. made sans preservatives, petro-based ingredients, emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances or colors. these, my friends, are products offering pure goodness + très magnifique results.

{don’t forget the tip} oils work great on moist skin, so use a light mist or toner prior to applying or apply facial + skin oils after showering for best results!