eco boutiques: inside vegan paris, peel slowly + see


today we're taking a peek inside the eco, ethical + animal-friendly paris fashion scene. manhattan had the factory, the studio for avant-garde pop artist andy warhol and a hub for talented artists + smartly dressed glitterati; today paris has an eco + ethical version: manifeste. i imagine if andy warhol had an apparel boutique to sate his appetite for cutting-edge clothing, including his signature black turtlenecks + finely-crafted tailored jackets, it would look a lot like this. a magnet for those seeking cool, minimalist pieces, visitors can expect clean fashion brands like good guys shoes in futuristic shades of silver; fade out unisex clothing made of deconstructed vintage textiles using handicraft methods; slinky, sexy little eco tees from by signe; and organic cotton denim from facon jacmin. handmade jewelry also on tap. stop in or shop it here

14 rue jean macé | 75011 paris | ALL VEGAN

aujourd'hui demain

a sustainability-focused enterprise with an influence that flows beyond eco + ethical products, this all vegan concept shop is the first of its kind in paris. the sun-drenched, ballroom sized space includes a makeup bar, an apparel boutique, and a grocery shop with everything you need for home + hearth. this is where you come for your daily supplements + protein powder to stay strong like popeye. everything on premises is organic, fair trade, and animal friendly. oh, and there's a free photo booth at your disposal. jump in, it's mug time. pop in to see how insouciantly cool vegan designs can be + how incredibly delicious a plant-based meal can taste. there is a spacious cafe with happy plants inside. expect the best veg sandwiches on this side of the pond, gluten-free options available. get your fab will's sneakers on or these slip into a pair of fly insecta shoes - pun intended; beautifully spartan, organic cotton sweatshirts for city slickers from colorful standard; and coat perfection from embassy of bricks and logs because good looking jackets can consider both animals + garment workers. stop in or shop it here.

42 rue du chemin vert | 75011 paris | ALL VEGAN

la pradelle

this online vegan shop is offering a curated selection of items to keep your whole life in tip top, plant-strong shape. you'll find the quintessential wardrobe staple with this sleek top by french kiss; the perfect black + white striped carryall for summer days from camille; bounce back from anything in these street sneakers by nae made from recycled airbags, cork + pineapple fibers. and you all know by now how i feel about plastic-free bath products: bring on the bottle-less + brilliant product that is the shampoo bar. ordering mine with one hand and typing this with the other hand, bar by pure; and if beauty is within, then sexy is underneath with these sweet lingerie pieces. bonus points for a really rad blog full of eco tips + info. shop it all online here

online shop | ALL VEGAN

centre commercial

somebody loves color in here. this is an eco lifestyle boutique featuring some venerable slow fashion brands. this is also where you come to inject a shot of vibrant color, noisy patterns or oversized chic into your wardrobe. a range of raw denim is available + vegan veja baskets can be found on tap. up your swimsuit game with whimsical pieces by roseanna; flowers are perpetually in bloom with these poppin' + sprightly designs by suzi winkle; a subdued, soothing color palette is seasonless, i do say, from aurelie lecuyer. there's a wait for the fitting rooms, so be on your toes because things are moving fast at this large, open venue. stop in or shop it here.  

9 rue madame | 75006
2 rue de marseille | 75010

paris paradigm shift

slow fashion activist + author, kate fletcher, reminds consumers that paradigms are the sources of systems. she shares, "if we influence something at the level of a paradigm, then a system can be totally transformed. paradigms affect ideas and thoughts and are information led." and all it takes is a new way of seeing. pop into these slow fashion + animal loving shops offering a convincing, compassionate + ethical paradigm that is more sustainable + animal-friendly by design: a whole new way of seeing fashion + kind living. peel back a little bit of paris to discover all the good inside!

centre commercial + la pradelle images c/o eco companies

{eco boutique} centre commercial: a shop + a movement

a new way to shop means reducing consumption, and when it's time to invest, choosing quality items that will become like true blue friends; well kept + the longer you have them the more you like them.

check out centre commercial in paris, 10eme. owners sebastian kopp + francois morillion, the gentlemen who bring us the venerated veja shoes, "mix fashion with a sustainable and socially based approach" to create a venue full of local + fair trade treasures. get ready for a new kind of movement:

all slow fashion brands have been carefully vetted here, so you'll find top eco labels like roseanna {refined negligence at its best}, humanoid {for new wave + punk inspiration} + naked and famous {simple denim jeans made in quebec}, all offering sophisticated tailoring in hardworking fabrics. i picked up an oversized, gender neutral top from basserange + some vegan lotion from the centre's selection of lifestyle products.

you can expect a nonconforming selection of men's + women's apparel + accessories, jewelry + footwear, blended with some traditional pieces: casual tees + unisex t-shirts, jean jackets + members-only jackets, sweatshirts, pants, joggers, baseball caps + messenger bags. all items are made under fair labor standards using organic + recycled textiles.

kopp + morillion share unequivocally, "it's not a store, it's a movement." i happen to think it's both a solid store + a form of social activism as well, where fashion + politics blend seamlessly. check out the pool of perfect slow fashion goods here.

until next time, stay green dear hearts! ♥