{eco brand} the clutch: keeping it together

i'm known to be a highly organized individual, but my trusty handbag, a vintage military canvas crossbody that is always at my side, seems to be in a permanent state of disarray. until this happened:

when i travel, i organize all of my belongings neatly into zip pouches: bath products, personal care items, camera cards, chargers + adapters, all fit nicely into small bags {handmade, woven pouches + beaded clutches that i've collected over the years}. yet, it seems my phone, passport + keys, the most important items to keep track of, end up bumping around at the bottom of my bag...or somewhere.

usually the wallets + clutches i find are too big, too bulky, too small, too fragile or just not the right combination of functional + fashionable. the wallet or clutch i choose to carry with me from day to day cannot be a shrinking violet because she's going to be bouncing around airport security bins + conveyor belts, she's going to collide with groceries inside my reusable cloth sack, and she'll be tossed around the photo studio where i freelance or be jostled about on tutoring sessions when i'm searching for my note cards + favorite pen.

i know, i'm asking a lot. but patience is a virtue. after years of scattered travel with my flight ticket spilling out of one pocket + my passport peeking out of another, i've met a sleek little black + blue number that meets all of my criteria, and this one cleans up nicely for dinner parties + nights out with friends. 

luca chiara is a brand i've recently discovered, and i am impressed with their unique designs as well as their commitment to using all animal-friendly materials {once a manufacturer of leather goods + accessories, they are now an ethical, vegan label}.

in addition to travel bags, luca has created wallets, clutches + passport cases for men and women that are not only cruelty-free + uber stylish, they also offer rdif blocking: protection from cyber bank crimes + identify theft via a thin steel lining. they describe their clutches as soft + flexible, which is just what i hoped to find. this clutch is definitely helping me to keep it all together. and the wait was worth it.

hop on over to luca chiara to discover their brave new products.