{eco boutique} aujourd'hui demain: concept store vegane

unswerving eco entrepreneurs raphaël francisco + cheyma bourguima are here to bring all your cruelty-free + vegan dreams to fruition {mhm, that was a plant pun}. find out how you can be part of bringing to life the very first vegan concept store in paris. let your imagination soar, this is where all your eco + sustainable dreams come true, boys + girls.

veganism is described as the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products + a philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. *

 veganism is also about embracing a lifestyle that extends our love + respect to all sentient beings + to all species, including factory farmed animals.

i am both an unabashed animal lover + an unapologetic plant enthusiast. veganism is really about compassion + nonviolence. i eat the plants, i wear the plants, and i celebrate the cruelty-free options here at eco voyage.

now you can get all of this goodness at one shop in the heart of paris {the healthy snacks, the eco apparel + footwear, the natural bath + beauty products, all in one place}. i am pleased to introduce to you raphaël + cheyma, two dynamite + determined voices in an ever-growing movement who are sharing their passion + creativity with the world.

from our friends at aujourd'hui demain:

veganism is a source of inspiration to rethink our relationship with the world and live in a moral coherence extended to all: human and non-human animals. every day we discover that we all have the power to change things. for greater social justice, for saving lives and making our world more benevolent.

put the solution within reach for all:

aujourd'hui demain {today tomorrow} finds artisans + creators combining ethics, an eco-responsible approach and innovation. the mission? to support those who seek gentle guidance in their transition to veganism, all with kindness and pleasure! we want to take you with us on this beautiful adventure, so don't waste another moment!

interested in joining the cruelty-free + compassionate living revolution? of course you are! well, get ready to take a walk on the tofu side. yep, i said it! support their crowdfunding campaign on kiss kiss bank bank {just ten days to go, my sweet, animal loving veg heads} + follow aujourd'hui demain on facebook.

{don't forget the tip} did you know that the demand for livestock pasture is a major driver of deforestation? the food + agriculture organization of the united nations has estimated that 70% of land formerly supporting amazon rainforests has been turned over for grazing. learn more about the meat + dairy industry and find out how animal agriculture contributes to habitat destruction, water + air pollution. healthy + compassionate choices are just a click away! learn more about veganism here or here. find delicious + nutritious alternative protein sources such as nut mylk + plant-based meats at whole foods market in america or naturalia in france.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{images via aujourd'hui demain}