eco beauty: the wonders of dry shampoo


in phoebe waller-bridge’s brilliant series, fleabag, she proclaims in a convincing + comical monologue on tresses, “hair is everything. it’s the difference between a good day and a bad day.” in the end, we learn that life is not about our hair, but hygiene, personal expression + self confidence certainly matter + shape our days.

the secret to my shiny, healthy hair is quite simple: i don’t wash it regularly, friends.

before you raise a finger in protest, i have answers for your curious minds! today we’re talking about one of my favorite eco-friendly products: dry shampoo. dry shampoo, what a mystery it was to me only a few years ago. how does one use it, and more importantly, why does one use it?!

dry powder shampoo allows us to refresh our hair without a wet wash in the shower, saving both time + water. it’s a wonderful natural product for removing excess oils while adding texture + volume: simply rub gently into your roots, work through your dry hair + style. voila!

now, know that i do use natural, botanical oils to add shine + soothe frayed ends {the same magical plant-based oils i use for face + body}and i use dry shampoo. sweet-scented, eco-friendly + easy-to-pack: dry shampoo saves on time, water + hair product. here we have 4 vegan, non-toxic + cruelty-free choices:


green + gorgeous

green + gorgeous has a fantastic, light + organic powder to freshen + revive your lion’s mane. beautifully scented, with eco-friendly, cardboard packaging. ingredients include arrowroot powder, rice powder, shavegrass powder, natural clay + essential oils.

on hot summer days, this little pocket-sized, powerful product was always by my side; it’s both convenient + effective.

their petite travel sizes are perfect for nomadic hearts traveling with carry-on luggage only!

little barn apothecary

little barn apothecary offers a nurturing dry shampoo to help refresh our scalps and rid our strands of grease + grime. a light, flower essence, corn starch + pink clay make for glory days.

what exactly does a nurturing dry shampoo mean? dry shampoo allows us to wash our hair less because wet washing often can strip our skin + our locks of their natural glow + luster by washing away natural oils needed to keep dry hair + skin hydrated. but we want to keep our bath + beauty products clean + toxin-free: so just say no to harmful ingredients like talc, silicone + phenoxyethanol.



captain blankenship

captain blankenship if it’s good enough for the mermaids of the world, then it’s good enough for yours truly.

i’ll admit, it took me a while to remember the name of this all-natural and organic bath + beauty label. but they do make out-of-this-world, efficacious hair care products. formulated with organic + non-toxic ingredients in sustainable, reusable + recyclable packaging. ingredients include arrowroot powder, kaolin with palmarosa oil + rose geranium essential oils.

it’s okay to want a good hair day, my friends; the captain gets you to where you want to go on your hair voyages!


alder is a new-york-based, plant-strong brand that makes fantastic natural products, and this texture powder restores volume to lazy locks while helping to nurture your scalp with ingredients like sea clay, kaolin, shavegrass powder, rice powder and eucalyptus + lime essential oils.

herbal extracts yield high-performing products that will perk up even the most taxed locks. and they smell like a summer breeze! who doesn’t want to smell like summer winds? here a good hair day, there a good hair day!

dry shampoo alder new york.jpg

{don’t forget the tip} why choose a “clean beauty” product with fair trade, vegan + organic ingredients? conventional products are made with hazardous ingredients like paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, and formaldehyde. these ingredients bio-accumulate in our bodies leading to illness, infertility and cancer. choose natural products with certified organic ingredients free of synthetic fragrances and free of man-made chemicals. good for your hair, good for your health!

remember eco boys + girls, we speak not of dry shampoo in aerosol cans. aerosol cans deplete our ozone layer + end up in our landfills. we are most definitely talking about the dry shampoo powder, found in little cylindrical cardboard containers + sometimes in recycled plastic bottles, but jump on that paper-based, biodegradable container always first. here’s why.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{eco beauty picks} dry shampoo: the secret to strong, silky strands

my friend lauren once pointed out that for someone who loves to read as much as i do, she couldn't understand why i never read recipes or the instructions for cooking + meal prep {hence minor mayhem + culinary calamities in the kitchen}.

cooking instructions + recipes don't have compelling plots or clever characters: they're kind of like little laundry lists of things to do all at once in my mind's eye. 

although i heard that making your own dry shampoo was as easy as pie {a bit of water, a little cornstarch, a few drops of essential oil + a touch of witch hazel and voila!}, i admit, i was still not propelled to seek out a recipe + make a bantam bowl of it. 

i was, however, inspired to seek out the best natural, organic + vegan dry shampoos i could find. what i discovered were some pretty amazing makers + companies giving us water-free, nontoxic ways to keep hair looking healthy + lustrous, when wash+go days become, well, powder+go days. 

{not sure how to powder? scroll down for sprinkling tips}

here are four of my top choices, and one honorable mention {so much more than corn starch on these lists of eco ingredients}:

1/ one love organics {one love no longer makes this product}: this dry shampoo has a sweet, sacchariferous scent + promises to soften, strengthen + nourish. it delivers on all counts. limp locks really come alive after a light dusting. plant-based fragrances yield a fresh + exhilarating bouquet {actually, as i write this post, i find myself sprinkling a touch to my already clean hair just for the scent}. they have a petite size which is perfect for this wayfaring gal who loves to travel light. made from georgia kaolin clay, organic rice starch, tapioca starch + bamboo extract. no chemicals, only the good stuff. 

2/ lulu organics: linda aldredge uses food-grade ingredients + no preservatives to craft her handmade, all organic hair powder. they say not to judge a book by its cover, but linda's vintage-inspired packaging is as lovely as her product is effective {i keep it on display in my bathroom}. this dry shampoo is made with love in minneapolis from organic corn starch, rice powder + horsetail powder, white clay + essential oils. there are four scents to choose from {including jasmine and vetiver + black pepper}. i use patchouli amber, and each time i do someone nosedives into my hair + asks about the amazing scent; this simultaneously startles me + puts a smile on my face. available in regular or travel size for gyspy souls. find it at sparrow here in chicago or at these fine establishments

3/ acure organics: argan stem cell + coq10 dry shampoo was my first, and they say you never forget your first. the truth is, this dry shampoo + i are still an item. this is a fast-acting product that absorbs excess oil + adds texture. with it's light, clean scent, it's still my fave for no-wash days since the odor doesn't clash with the aroma of perfumes i may choose to wear. made from non-gmo organic corn starch + french white clay and oat flour + slippery elm bark flour with lavender + chamomile essential oils. the bottle reads "save water! go dry!" and i say saving water can only be a good thing. paraben, phthalate + sulfate free. {acure no longer packages this product in cardboard, but in plastic}

4/ skinny skinny {this product is no longer available}: offers two invigorating scents: black pepper + rose and grapefruit + cardamom. i'm always drawn to the refreshing scent of grapefruit, so this was my pick. ss breaks it down for green hearts: "The purpose of dry shampoo is to make it possible to go day/s without actually washing your hair. This helps to make sure that hair is healthier because excess washing strips the hair of natural oils and makes it dull and brittle. Many spray formulas are made from toxic ingredients like butane or propane and leave a visible residue in the hair. This unique formula was created to disappear completely in the hair. With exceptionally mild and effective ingredients like kaolin clay and organic orris root powder."

*bonus: moody sisters skincare: a wee jar with a twist cap for no spills, what a novel idea! sister duo, jess + whitney are handcrafting their dry shampoo in the beautiful state of washington. this handmade shampoo is the right price + great for travel. made with organic arrowroot powder, lemon peel powder + witch hazel.

frankly, i only had one concern when delving into the world of dry shampoos: would my head + hair smell fresh? 

i thought a product designed to absorb oils would dry out your hair, but these shampoos actually moisturize + add texture to limps locks. here's the trick to using ds: sprinkle dry shampoo on a powder brush, then blow as you would with foundation powder. separate hair + pat dry shampoo on roots of hair. use fingers or hairbrush to brush hair. ta da! that's what we call "no-wash + go!"