{eco fashion guides} from head to toe: sublime socks, star shampoos + more

i love lists: i've said it before, and i'll say it again. so, i've rounded up my favorite lists of eco faves for friends, family members + readers alike who have been asking for recommendations on everything from underoos + socks to deodorants + shampoos. 14 green guides, all cruelty-free, vegan + perfect for healthy living:

"can you tell me about any eco brands that make good socks?" a friend recently inquired while holding up a sad sock with holes in the toes. the thing is, i can go into esoteric raptures about all things eco + ethical, but i tried to keep it short, "i have a list on my blog!" i told her. prompted by my gal pal's request for recommendations for everything from socks + shoes to underoos, i decided to gather up all the lists of goodies that i've compiled here on finny + dill. let's get started:

cruelty-free, vegan bath + beauty products

1/ lip balm: keep 'em moist; hydrated lips for everyone

2/ deodorant: don't sweat it, green hearts; think fresh, citrusy thoughts 

3/ shampoo: here i effuse about organic shampoos; shine on, mon amis

4/ dry shampoo: the mother of all inventions; an ardent fan i am

5/ facial oil: restore your skin's natural glow; clear + pH balanced skin for you + you +


6/ body moisturizer: wellness rituals should always involve body butter

7/ perfume: fetching fragrances for him + her; when pheromones just won't do

ethical + organic clothing

8/ sweaters: mmm, warm + cozy options for cool-weather months

9/ 12 artisan brands: satisfy your appetite for rare, handmade goods + your yen for unique finds

10/ 12 ethical brands: move over fast fashion, these classic treasures are here to stay

fair trade + animal-friendly footwear

11/ socks: put your best foot forward with fair trade + organic options; i like 'em dotty

12/ boots: change is afoot with these innovative, animal-friendly creations; wear the pineapple you want to be in the world

eco outdoor gear

13/ camping gear: these makers, they've got what you need for good, clean fun

14/ insect repellent: the thrill of the chase; when you're not being chased by those little critters, it is a thrill indeed


bonus: i promised underoos, so i'm including this rad list from noveaux magazine on some sweet + sensual lingerie + underwear brands.

check out these beauties here + more sexy, sustainable lingerie here


double bonus: eco cult brings us this fantastic list of sustainable swimsuits + bikinis for fun in the sun. wherever you are, i hope there's plenty of sun. it's that time: vitamin d for you + me

until next time, stay green dear hearts! ♥