simple pleasures: plus d'expériences, more experiments

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

faire la route: traveling + roadtripping is one of my favorite ways to experience life + to experiment with life. the word expérience in french has two meanings: 1. to encounter, to adventure and 2. to try, to experiment. i love that this one word looks at our ability to both try + to do as one: it holds hope + possibilities within it. 

i've been reading about pacifist + author bertha von suttner. suttner was the first female recipient of the nobel peace prize, and the author of inventory of the soul and the controversial anti-war novel lay down your arms.  from countess to house cleaner to renowned author and leader in the international peace movement, suttner had many life experiences. 

i'm inspired by the strength that galvanizes each of us towards our passions, whether it's promoting peace on a large scale or living a peaceful life each day, touching the lives of those in small corners of the world. i hope you're all experiencing life as you envision it in your minds + hearts.