{eco holiday gift guide} a guide to slow fashion, clean beauty + fair trade goods

8 ethical gift ideas from 8 fab eco shops because every day is a day to shop vegan, fair trade + hand made goods that align with your values. fair trade certified goods guarantee farmers receive a fair price for raw materials from cotton to cocoa + companies adhere to a transparent set of universal standards that promote safe + healthy working conditions {and protect the environment}. below, 8 eco boutiques that make it easy to shop ethically + consciously. right this way:

fair + simple: the small batch lotion // 48 + sea: the compostable balm //  flyaway bluejay: the natural salts //  ethos collection: the handcrafted baubles // bead + reel: the artisan made scarf // trunk collective: the organic coconut oil // tiny yellow bungalow: the vegan soaps // true ethic: the fair trade bowls

1// fair + simple fair trading. simple giving. a fair + simple way to give a meaningful gift

2// 48 + sea a curated selection of handcrafted goods made by independent, emerging designers in america 3

3// flyaway bluejay unique, handmade pieces from small artisans all over the world /

4// ethos collection a source for globally sourced, fair trade + ethical fashion

5// bead + reel fashion that is thoughtful to people, animals + the world

6 // trunk collective sustainable, fair trade, cruelty free brands from around the world that give back.

7// tiny yellow bungalow for a zero waste + plant based home. all things eco friendly here.

8// true ethic fair trade and u.s.a. made artisan goods for your ethical shopping lifestyle.

looking for more ethical options? here's a list of rad fair trade chocolates + eco gifts for the home + hearth. 

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{eco brand} fazl socks: stepping into the giving season

'tis the season for giving + keeping our tootsies warm. a year ago i put together this list of fab fair trade + vegan socks, all ethically-produced. i just discovered a new slow fashion brand making sweet socks + giving back every step of the way {get it?}. this is how a simple pair of socks can change the tide of a life:

from our friends at fazl socks:

we believe every act of consumerism counts. what we buy and wear matters; through our shopping habits we can perpetuate social ills or help alleviate them. when you purchase and wear fazl socks you are helping to provide orphaned children in india with food, shelter, education, and clothing. what’s more, we give fair wages to the lovely ladies who knit our socks.

we are committed to supporting children’s homes in india that care for vulnerable children and we dedicate 50% of our profits to this cause. our company grew out of a deep love for these homes and the sacred work they do. We also provide dignified work opportunities to women in need. 

production story

handmade. himalayan. happy ladies. the three h’s of fazl socks. all our socks are handcrafted by women in our community and we provide them with fair wages for their work. through collaborating with graduates from the children’s homes, we were introduced to many women who were financially struggling and possess the incredible skills necessary to create these socks. a beautiful partnership was forged and we are thrilled to be working alongside them. 

social impact

the children’s homes we support act as big families and the amazing staff there have dedicated their lives to immersing the youth in love and kindness. this work is of the utmost importance because in the words of mother teresa, “the hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”

the children from these homes are thriving emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally – and we want to see this continue! the youth have the opportunity to attend university (should they so desire). it has been our honour and pleasure to watch many of the graduates go on to pursue a university education and dedicate their lives to serve those also born into desperate circumstances.

get 'em while their hot, boys + girls.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{image by fazl socks}

{eco brand} dauntless nyc: timeless + delectable designs

not long ago i showed up to church in my fave moto jacket + red palazzo pants. i sheepishly slid into the wooden pew next to my mom + whispered, "maybe i shouldn't have worn red to church." to which she replied, "i think god likes all colors." this, of course, put a smile on my face.

if you ask me about the one piece i think every gal should have in their wardrobe, it would have to be a faux leather jacket. i get it. everyone has a different style aesthetic, but i can't imagine an outfit this simple closet staple wouldn't rev up. flowery dresses? yes. much-loved jeans + relaxed tees? check. an understated lbd? i think so!

and where does a gal who loves compassionate fashion find the perfect moto jacket to pair with everything in her closet? let me take you to our leader:

dauntless nyc is a cruelty-free fashion label from new york. this little indie company is making waves with their impeccably tailored faux leather jackets, each constructed with a charmeuse lining.

from our friends at dauntless nyc:

our mission is to bring socially conscious fashion through high end designs, top quality materials, and a well tailored fit for fashion forward customers. our global consumers are also changing what they wear based on how and where the materials are being sourced from.

{don't forget the tip} cows, goats, pigs, sheep + lambs are sensitive + sentient beings, just like your cat or pup. they feel fear + pain, hence eschewing animal materials such as leather is an easy, accessible + affordable alternative. leather is often thought to be a byproduct of the meat industry, but this is indeed a misconception. leather is not a byproduct and it is not produced in efforts to minimize waste. it’s produced because it is a highly profitable and lucrative business. a cow’s skin is approximately 10% of her total value, making it the most profitable part of her body.*

the processing of leather is a highly polluting, chemically-intensive one, negatively impacting both the environment and the health of the tannery workers who are exposed daily to hazardous chemicals without proper protection from chromium, sulfuric acid, formaldehyde + bleach - causing skin and respiratory diseases as well as cancer. these human rights abuses, as well as the lack of effluent treatment plants which degrade + pollute the waterways, air + soil where waste is discarded into natural water sources are contributing to environmental issues.*

with this in mind, aren't you ready for change? lucky for us, there are many cruelty-free + sustainable options. another leather-free option is available from cool-kids style label commes des garcons for a chic + sturdy little number. and the boys are covered too, with compelling fashion choices from brave gentleman. whether you're heading to church or out for a night on the town, these eco chic companies have you covered for a quintessential + quiet sense of cool.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{image via dauntless}

{eco brands} feeling warm + fuzzy: 4 ethically made, cozy sweaters

how are you navigating these color-charged fall days, with so much poetry spilling forth from every tree + leaf? in addition to nature's radiant display of various amber, green + golden hues, we can also look forward to hot, steaming cups of tea + a season of layering with tights, scarves, ski caps + sweaters to stay warm + snug.

if you're looking for the perfect cloaks against the cold weather months, cozy, cruelty-free + nubby sweaters, skip on down to sweater town for four fab companies that'll keep you feeling comfy + looking good all through the fall + winter months:

1/ slum love sweater company: slum love offers timeless staples including this classic crew-neck sweater {pictured above}; all apparel is handmade in kenya where garment workers are paid a fair wage. cotton knit sweaters are made with organic fibers, and portions of sales fund high school scholarships for indigent students. feeling warm + fuzzy all over already!

2/ micaela greg: ahh, this fine knitwear label has been bringing us bold knitwear for many a blue moon. and they get it right every time. "combining modern geometric patterns, intermingling textures, and deceptively simple silhouettes, their focus is to design quality, made to last garments with american manufacturing at the heart of the brand." i'm head over heels for their chunky, open air knits like this little number with raglan sleeves + a high/low hem with side slits {pictured below}. made in california.

3/ deeply co: this online market celebrates quality basics, slow fashion + ethical sourcing. offerings include purposeful, beautiful clothing to live in, like this camel-colored, boxy sweater with drop shoulder + mock neckline. 100% acrylic + made with love.

4/ loup: oversized boyfriend sweaters are timeless pieces that can be layered over summer dresses + spring apparel, making every frock or top a multi-tasker + bringing each garment in your wardrobe from one season to the next effortlessly. these fetching sweaters with front pockets are made from soft tumbled, recycled acrylic {pictured below}. perfect for a sexy, yet unstudied cool-weather look. made in new york city.

{bonus} i've introduced animal-friendly, handknit sweaters previously here on le blog, but here's a little recap for the eco curious: people treevaute couture + krochet kids offer soft, unisex sweaters made from organic + recycled cotton and acrylic. styles include light ballet sweaters, overized boyfriend cardigans, billowing cocoon pullovers + the perfect chunky knit jumper modeled after vintage fisherman sweaters. pair with skinnies + high heels for a sleek, sophisticated look or wear with your fave denim + booties for a casual, relaxed look. these sweaters will take you from the urban jungle to the highest mountain top in ease, comfort + style. made in new york city.

{don't forget the tip} i have a little pup, electron, that like me, has hair that grows fast + furious. when ungroomed, he starts to take the shape of a popcorn ball. my friends liken him to a baby lamb, which is an accurate observation, as indeed dogs + sheep are both sentient beings: they are sensitive, smart + inquisitive animals, with good memories, who form lasting bonds just like our canine friends do.

each month i trim electron's exploding mane of curls. it takes time + care to do this, because he's a mobile being, hence care + patience is needed to avoid nicking him with the scissors. unlike my dog, sheep naturally grow just enough wool to protect themselves from temperature extremes, and in the wild they naturally shed their wool, but today they have been selectively bred to produce unnaturally high quantities of wool to fulfill a demand for wool products. wool shearing is a fast-paced, fear-inducing + extreme process, with workers shearing an animal every two minutes. eventually these sheep are sent to slaughter for meat. who wants an itchy wool sweater anyways? not us, no sir.

there are many cozy + cruelty-free alternatives to wool, cashmere + angora available to keep you toasty. here's a little bit of info about the wool industry. interested in learning more? hop on over here. in the meantime, choose compassionate cotton alternatives like flannel or synthetic shearling + fleece.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{images via 1. slum love; 2. micaela greg + 4. loup // artwork by ev}

{eco boutique} trunk collective: 3 questions to ask to shop consciously

what exactly does it mean to shop consciously + live mindfully? to build an ethical wardrobe you're looking for a design-led piece {of course you have to love the way it looks + feels} but you're also seeking transparency in the supply chain, so as a consumer you're asking important questions. here, the folks at trunk collective, a unique online boutique offering eco wares for you + your home, break it down for us:

there are many hands that touch our clothes before they reach the racks we peruse, finally choosing an item based on style, color, fit, fabric + price. the frock or handbag you decide upon first starts as a fiber grown by a farmer {synthetics are sourced differently, stay tuned for a post on eco textiles that i've been working away on; i promise to make the world of sustainable fabrics less snoozy and more shopper friendly}; these fibers are then spun, treated with finishes, processed, embellished, printed, dyed, cut + sewn. 

the questions we need to ask as consumers + citizens are less about whether a top is the right shade of blue or the best budget price, but more about whether it is made with respect to worker rights, animal rights + environmental practices. workers in the fashion industry often face abuses such as poverty wages, gender-based violence + reprisals for speaking up to improve substandard conditions

while the triangle shirtwaist factory of 1911 in new york inspired labor law reforms in the united states, the majority of clothes today are manufactured in developing countries in workplaces lacking adequate safety oversight for workers or regulations to protect the environment.

the solution? use your voice to be heard. ask questions. 

from our friends at trunk collective:

trunk collective was created on the simple belief that we can do better. 

in traveling to places that have literally taken our breath away, opening our eyes to the beauty of the environment also meant seeing just how much waste and environmental damage has been created by fast-fashion and every-day products. we began to ask ourselves some very important questions:  

who :: who is making our products? 

where :: where do they come from? 

how :: how are materials sourced? 

beyond asking questions, we are intent on challenging our own purchasing decisions, community contribution and moral compass. 

we are all agents of change through the brands and companies we support. by choosing fair trade, sustainably sourced and ethical brands, we are changing the world of tomorrow. 

we invite you to our collective space where we feature brands we not only love, but believe in, while sharing tips and insights on leading a more sustainable, conscious lifestyle everyday. 

every quarter, trunk collective will be choosing a new charity partner focused on environmental and wildlife conservation and 7% of all sales will be donated. 

don't be shy about asking the managers or sales staff at your favorite retailers, "who made my clothes?" this simple question helps shed light on the growing movement of citizens who are actively seeking out information + making buying decisions based on this information, or lack of. the smart + stylish set, that's you, believe compassion + fashion go hand in hand.

head on over for some serious transparency, timeless, minimalist pieces + some beauties for your home.

until next time, stay green, dear hearts!

{pippin's picks: above fold over clutch by urban grey whale + bottom clockwise: yvonne long bar earrings by starfish project // repurposed industrial plastic billy cross body clutch by medusa // nontoxic + cruelty-free nail polish by gloss // handmade scarf by sasa designs by the deaf // images via trunk collective}