eco fashion: ethical basics, briefs + bloomers

Nature thrives when there is balance in what we consume and contribute.
— Founders of Liass

even the birds + the bees wear ‘em! actually, it’s the boys + the girls that are wearing them. well most of us do, and if you’re looking for a pair of eco, ethically-produced + vegan underwear, consider yourself covered. get it?

here we have ten fab sustainable lingerie + underwear labels offering sweet, stylish + sexy choices: with fabrics chosen based on their environmental footprint, durability + longevity. each eco company has vetted and chosen factories that ensure their workplace is free of child labor + forced labor, their workers are in a safe working space, and each worker is paid a living wage.

why should you choose organic cotton and textiles? cotton is a pesticide laden crop. “approximately $2 billion worth of chemicals are sprayed on cotton crops worldwide every year, half of which are designated toxic by the world heath organization.” with these finished fabrics placed directly next to our most sensitive body parts + directly on our skin {the body’s largest organ}, our bodies absorb these chemicals. there are lots of good reasons to choose organic. and ladies looking for safe hygiene products, this one’s for you.

check out the bottom of this post for more information about why it’s important to create a greener, cleaner wardrobe that keeps you and your loved ones, farmers and the garment workers safe and healthy.

alright frisky friends, check out your new favorite basics!

1. amaella lingerie // uk

from co-founders lara + julie: amaella is made by people we know and care about using the finest quality gots organic cotton and free from toxic chemicals. at amaella, we are about carefully crafting timeless classics that you will love for ever. we are proud to be running a social enterprise with the mission of encouraging ethical practices in the fashion industry by making our clothes using sustainable and ethical sources. we want to bring some patience into our impatient world – a world in which customers see clothes as disposable.

materials: organic cotton // designed in the u.k., made in the u.k. + portugal

2. baserange // denmark + france

from co-founders marie-louise + blandine: founded in 2012, baserange is a line of modern basics with an emphasis on clean lines and easy silhouettes. the company utilizes both natural fibers and recycled content. baserange believes that a commitment to clean production will minimize environmental impact and benefit both the producer and the user.

materials: bamboo + organic cotton // designed in toulouse + copenhagen, made in porto + odemis

3. liass // new york

from founder emelie: growing up in scandinavia, nature, and sustainability has always been close to home. it’s important for us to create with nature and our future in mind. we strive to leave as little impact on nature as possible and encourage our customers to do the same. we have thoughtfully sourced our fabrics from u.s.-based suppliers with similar values to our own.

materials: organic cotton, soy fibers derived froom production waste {made from soybean hulls} + recycled polyester // designed in nyc, made in new york in a women-owned factory

4. olly lingerie // france

from co-founders clémentine + mathilde: an eco-conscious underwear line inspired by a simplified and mindful every day. we imagined the lingerie of our dreams: pretty, comfortable and above all, eco-responsible. at olly, we are convinced that every woman has the right to wear lingerie that takes care of her body. olly uses gots certified organic cotton and nontoxic oeko-tex certified dyes.

materials: organic cotton // designed in france, made in hungary

5. people tree // uk

from founder safia: a pioneer in sustainable fair trade fashion, our story started in 1991. we launched our first fashion range to meet the global organic textile standard certified by the soil association and were the first fashion company to be awarded the world fair trade organisation product label. these certifications guarantee people tree’s dedication and compliance to the principles of fair trade, covering fair wages, good working conditions, transparency, environmental best practice and gender equality. {editors’s note: be sure to read safia minney’s slow fashion books slave to fashion + naked fashion}

materials: organic cotton // designed + made in the u.k.

6. pico // uk

from founders phoebe + isobel: pico produces essential, everyday goods, which can be traced right back to the source. we began with the first things to be put on in the morning - super soft and simple, everyday underwear. we work directly with a small fairtrade factory in southern india, using organic cotton sourced from fairtrade farmers’ cooperatives. underwear for men & women.

materials: organic cotton // designed in the u.k., made in india

7. underprotection // denmark

from stephan + sunniva: we love women, all kinds, all sizes and our goal is to make you feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible. We use sustainable materials and support fair working conditions as fair wage is a human right. we have set out to challenge the conception of what sustainable fashion can be, and each season we will prove to you that it really can be everything we wish for! We want to make a difference by giving our customers the possibility to combine ethics and aesthetics when shopping.

materials: banana leaf fiber, recycled polyester, lyocell and organic cotton // designed in denmark, made in india

8. organic basics // denmark

from alexander, mads f.r., cristoffer, mads h.r.: our number one rule for making clothes is to design everything to last. that means investing in quality fabrics and workmanship - but it also means designing with simplicity and function in mind. we only work with trusted, certified factory partners - these are the good guys. they have the same sustainable vision as us - and follow it through by continuously reducing their environmental footprint. underwear for men + women.

materials: organic cotton, recycled nylon + silvertech // designed in denmark, made in turkey, portugal, austria + italy

9. woron // denmark

from sustainable sister duo arina + anya: vegan underwear and fashion favorites that will stay in your wardrobe season after season. our aim is to create the lingerie pieces that will be the first thing you want to put on and the last thing you take off! it is comfort without sacrificing feminine shaping, fashion or style - and style without sacrificing sustainability. we are very passionate about our work and it is very important for us to feel good about every step we take. we are sustainably conscious from the crafting, to the handling of each product and finally to the timeless design that can stay in your wardrobe season after season - year after year.

materials: organic cotton + modal // designed in copenhagen, produced in hungary

10. pansy // california

from laura + rachel: pansy is an organic cotton underwear company. born from a need for comfy dreamy ethical undies, their organic cotton is grown and milled domestically and their underwear are designed and sewn locally. our products are made entirely of organically grown natural fibers and sewn in california without a sweatshop in sight. they are dyed without the use of toxins and made with lots and lots of love.

materials: organic cotton // designed + made in the usa

wear fair, wear organic

{don’t forget the tip} “farmers’ exposure to herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators have caused occupational illnesses and pesticide poisonings that amount to 3 million cases per year, resulting in twenty thousand poisoning deaths. not only to the workers and the farmers directly exposed to these chemicals suffer, but the land also accumulates these toxins.

“the result is soil toxicity, which makes growing crops harder and releases chemical run-off into our waterways. in addition, the textile industry affects the quality of the soil, as farmers try to keep up with demand and plant the same crop season after season, depleting biodiversity and natural crop rotation integral to soil health.”* land is a precious resource that we, as citizens, need to protect.

our demand for more goods equals a greater strain on our earth, depleting a precious resource and poisoning both water + air. remember, eco boys + girls, our everyday choices, decisions + buying habits have lasting effects. if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. and if you’re ready to buy, buy clean, green options like those listed here today.

looking for more options? here are two great eco roundups from my green closet + curiously conscious.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

eco round up: white hot, ethical style

fashion revolution week is upon us, and today, i’ve compiled eight ethereal pieces in ivory + pale hues. creamy delights for all of you sustainable style lovers. i’ve used pics from my summer trips through the south of france as the romantic backdrop, so you can travel through marseilles + frolic in the mediterranean sea while perusing delicious ethical brands. check out wednesday’s post in which i’ve shared seven simple steps to join the fashion revolution for citizens + activists interested in protecting planet earth + all of its inhabitants.

1/ mara hoffman organic cotton dress, local eclectic shell earrings, indego africa straw bag, nae vegan slingbacks

2/ sezane open back dress made in bulgaria

3/ harley jae linen top + skirt and top handmade in canada

4/ tribe alive organic linen romper handmade in india

5/ all the wild roses boho dress handmade from remnant cotton in vietnam

6/ maison de mode billowing skirt handmade in ghana

7/ reformation tencel scoop neck dress made in los angeles

8/ by the sea organic cotton seaside dress handmade in india

{don't forget the tip} conventional products + clothing carry toxins that are absorbed through our skin and can negatively impact our health + the health of the workers producing the goods {the chemicals in coloring dyes, scouring agents + industrial detergents have been linked to skin rashes, hormone disruption + cancer}. choose sustainable apparel from responsible fashion labels whenever possible, and ask your favorite retailers whether their apparel is made using natural, non-toxic textiles + dyes.

remember eco boys + girls, ethical fashion is about voting with your dollars as a conscious citizen + consumer. only shop when you need to, and shop your closet first. oh, and if you’re feeling adventurous, pop into a vintage shop or thrift shop. there are always treasures to be found!

images via eco, ethical co’s

ethical fashion: join the fashion revolution

who made my clothes 2.jpg

remembering rana plaza

today we commemorate the 1,134 garment workers who lost their lives on april 24, 2013 when the rana plaza factory in bangladesh collapsed. thousands more were maimed + injured. nervous workers had stepped out on this day after cracks in the building were detected, but they were ordered back into the building by management despite structural neglect of the building + safety hazards. why? for the production of low cost clothing: to meet the demand for fast fashion.

here's what you can do to become a part of the solution

today, workers still toil long hours in unsafe working conditions around the world to make clothes, shoes + accessories. put your activism pants on + let the world know you will be a voice for those who can’t be heard. here are six simple steps to join the fashion revolution:

1. take a pic

take a picture of yourself wearing one of your favorite items of clothing turned inside out, with the label in full view. hop on social media and post the pic asking fashion labels "who made my clothes?" use hashtags #whomademyclothes #transparency #livingwage #fashionrevolution #peopleoverprofits

2. abstain

an important way to contribute involves what not to do. over consumption feeds the demand for apparel manufacture, with shoe + clothing companies racing to meet customer demand and forcing factory workers to labor for long hours in dangerous conditions to meet production deadlines. so this, my friends, is the moment to embrace quality over quantity. remember: loved clothes last. shop less + shop your own closet.

3. act

beyond conscious consumerism, learn how to engage decision makers by calling representatives and sending emails to government officials. fashion revolution encourages us to take immediate action in the political sphere + to become active citizens in the campaign towards policy + legislative change. 

become more politically involved by thinking beyond ethical purchases. to contact your government leaders in the u.s.a., simply enter your zip code here for state rep’s or here for state senators, then click on the “contact” page and write from your heart.

4. ask

one of my fave clean fashion advocates is livia firth. livia has an informative instagram account, and she + her staff answer questions about the world of sustainable living + ethical fashion to help you on your journey to greener, kinder living. to learn more, follow slave to fashion by safia minney, a pioneer in fair trade fashion + labor rights activist; labour behind the label, an organization that campaigns for workers’ rights in the clothing industry; and clean clothes campaign, a global alliance dedicated to improving working conditions + empowering garment factory workers.

5. read

the most seminal book i've read since embarking on this sustainable living + ethical fashion journey is to die for: is fashion wearing out the world? by journalist, environmentalist + slow fashion activist lucy siegle. each chapter changed the way i think about my consumer habits and how i choose to spend my money, time + energy. knowledge is the start to making thoughtful decisions as an active citizen.

elizabeth cline is the author of overdressed: the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion. this is an engrossing + edifying read, and she just published her second book, the conscious closet, which you can pre-order now.

6. research

remember to look for fair trade labels to ensure decent working conditions + fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. if you can't find a label, be sure to ask a manager or customer service representative. when you walk into a restaurant, you are able to ask about the ingredients in your menu offering. in the same way, you should be able to walk into a shop {or browse online} and find out more about the clothes you may invest your money in. if a retailer doesn't respond to my email inquiries, then i shop at those companies where transparency is a part of their mission.

7. watch

each year, i recommend the documentary true cost by director andrew morgan. this film is about “the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the fashion industry is having on our world.” this movie introduces the hearts + hands that stitch our clothes, and it will forever change the way you think about your purchases as a citizen.

learn more about the families + brave survivors of the rana plaza disaster. financial donations to fashion revolution can be made here to continue the work of disseminating information + spreading awareness. your voice matters. policy makers + fast fashion companies must know that low wages, environmental degradation, unsafe working conditions + factory disasters are unacceptable in the work places where fast fashion companies offshore the manufacturing of their products. demand transparency + let your voice be heard.

{image via fashion revolution}

eco brands: 7 joggers to live in this winter season


joggers, the modern classic, with their soft fabrics, tapered legs + elastic, ever-so-forgiving waistbands, who can ask for anything more? this fall and winter, stay warm + cozy in the year’s most enduring + endearing pants: the jogger. here are seven eco fashion labels bringing us fair trade, ethically made + organic textiles to create the trousers that keep on giving.

amour vert

this los angeles based eco fashion label brings us affordable, black ribbed joggers, made of modal, for easy breezy style. wear ‘em with sneakers or wear ‘em with heels, but you’ll definitely be wearing them for comfort + style.


this paris designed natural brand with a commitment to clean production brings us simple, sexy garments including joggers in white, nude + black. oh, and if your heart desires tangerine or canary yellow velour joggers, well, velour joggers you may have, right at your fingertips.

krochet kids

this organic cotton jogger comes from the ethical fashion label, krochet kids, founded by the infamous male trio creating jobs around the world and bringing us those fab hand-knit beanies. here, these beautiful joggers are hand sewn in peru and come in a happy shade of blue, for those of you missing your jeans, but still drawn to the undeniable allure of the jogger.

jan n june

from hamburg, with love, the dymanic female duo behind jan n june bring us one of my fave designs: a slim, relaxed fit jogger with the most flattering cut, and yes, pockets. organic cotton, in nude + black.


new york based sustainable label offers yoga apparel, atheisure wear and gorgeous everyday basics in organic cotton + bamboo including high-waisted trousers and these fabulous, i-dream-of-genie slouchy joggers.

people tree

this u.k. fair trade brand offers organic cotton trousers {in black + navy} with a weighty feel which adds a sense of luxe to the essential day wear piece.  for girls who want comfort + style from their trousers.

theo the label

this independent australian clothing label offers hand-crafted cotton joggers with the most fantastic pockets in the world. oh, the places we will go and the things we will carry in our perfect pockets!

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

eco brand: kindom, recyled fashion never looked so good


there's an expression i like to use + i use it often: "until kingdom come" - i use it when i know there will be a long wait for something - like my favorite vegan chocolate bar to be restocked or when i'm rushing to meet a friend, but the dryer at the laverie is in super slow mo and won't release my favorite trousers from its jaws. i was happy to discover the eco brand kindom this summer because this is exactly the kind of ethical label that i love to wear. 

i'd been searching for a fresh summer dress for my capsule wardrobe, something easy, something singular with a little urban edge: i had to laugh when i found this sustainable frock as it occurred to me that "kindom" has finally come, and the wait is over {yes, you know i love a clever play on words}.  

here is a transparent slow fashion label that produces apparel with respect to the environment + its workers and seeks to create employment opportunities for indigenous people to preserve ancient traditions of handicraft as well. how does one fashion brand make this happen? by producing a perfectly willowy column dress for the minimalists of the world; a demure, celestial dress adorned with planets and stars for moon-gazers like me; and boho graphic tees for girls with sustainability + style on the mind. 

let's start with the ingredients: sometimes we want a simple garment to do all the work for us, especially on a hot summer day or a sultry night. light, breathable fibers do a happy eco girl make. kindom uses organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, and tencel to craft their designs. they also use discarded stock inventory that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 

the designs are made with active girls in mind, with comfort clearly a priority. i've strolled the streets of chicago in this fun, cosmic dress; i've investigated new york city's vegan scene in it; and i've explored paris farmers markets while wearing this easy, breezy number and it's quite chameleonic - fitting into any milieu with its modern cut + an unexpected print. 

this frock is the kind of design that people stop + ask me about. it's with feverish excitement that i share fashion notes: this dress was made by happy hands from recycled textiles!

those of you that know me here at eco voyage or follow me on instagram know that i like my looks to be fuss-free, but i do love a plucky piece with personality, and a design with a little something special is always welcome in my closet. as i hop from daytime outings to evening soirees, i always look for pieces that can keep up + wear well. 

i'll be easing out of summer and into cool-weather months by wearing this dress over a black turtleneck and pairing it with my faux leather moto jacket + vegan booties, because this is one piece that will see many wears on this green gal's slow fashion journey.

check out kindom and their newest line of brilliant bags hand dyed by artisans and hand-embroidered by the t'boli tribal people. this is the future of fashion, boys + girls.

this post was written in collaboration with kindom. all views are honest + my own.