{simple pleasures} unbridled drive: débridé dessein

Only that day dawns to which we are awake.
— Henry David Thoreau

débridé dessein: this summer has been a splendid celebration of five years of good health, five years cancer free. what a blessing + a joy. i've honored this milestone with travels through belgium, the netherlands and finally with a roadtrip through the south and north of france. the saturated hues of the french countryside along with undulating fields of grass + sky reawaken ones senses. time spent with friends, time spent solo, time spent in nature, and time spent with god continue to nourish, revitalize + restore even after the journey has brought me back to city life + the paris milieu. i'll be back writing about all things eco + organic here on the blog: from cafes serving up delicious, organic fare to sustainable brands + boutiques offering fantastic ethical choices. stay tuned, green hearts!