{eco beauty} natural oils: time for a change

i read a post by an ethical fashion blogger recently in which she shared the fact that she doesn't use oils or lotions to moisturize at all. i am deeply in awe of any one who can go through life sans a little skin hydration help. if you ever ask me to recommend my top three beauty tips, i'll tell you every time: ample sleep, lots of water + moisturizer!

while i drink lots of h2o + eat plenty of high-water-content foods {like juicy grapefruits + watermelons, broccoli + cauliflower}, each morning my skin still feels like i've spent 40 days trekking through the sahara dessert without a water canteen or a bonnet {that's what my french friends call my beanies}.

i was lost, but then i was found. well, at least, my real epidermis seemed to be lost + i found the dreamiest solution to my parched skin dilemma: oils. the right oils are lightweight + easily absorbed; they don't leave your skin feeling greasy, but they nourish in the most delightful way. while most conventional moisturizers contain preservatives linked to cancer + reproductive health problems, there are a slew of natural alternatives for soft, supple skin.

known for their low pH, they help balance + protect the skin's natural acid mantle while delivering essential fatty acids, vitamins + proteins. my favorite trick is to use them while i'm bathing or showering. i massage the oil onto my legs, arms + face, then pat dry once i'm out. i also use on my scalp and hair ends during cold weather months. smells great + leaves my hair shiny + my skin aglow!

pictured above is a trio set of oils by acure {with certified organic ingredients}. it's a great + affordable way to dip your toes in the oil. this little starter kit includes rose, coconut + citrus oils made with argan oil to restore texture, elasticity + tone. you can find them at most health shops or online here {check out whole foods in the usa + naturalia in france}. more fave oils from sustainable + indie brands to come!

until next time: stay green, dear hearts!