eco beauty: the wonders of dry shampoo


in phoebe waller-bridge’s brilliant series, fleabag, she proclaims in a convincing + comical monologue on tresses, “hair is everything. it’s the difference between a good day and a bad day.” in the end, we learn that life is not about our hair, but hygiene, personal expression + self confidence certainly matter + shape our days.

the secret to my shiny, healthy hair is quite simple: i don’t wash it regularly, friends.

before you raise a finger in curious protest, i have answers for your inquiring minds! today we’re talking about one of my favorite eco-friendly products: dry shampoo. dry powder shampoo, what a mystery it was to me only a few years ago. how does one use it, and more importantly, why does one use it?!

dry powder shampoo allows us to refresh our hair without a wet wash in the shower, saving both time + water. it’s a wonderful natural product for removing excess oils while adding texture + volume: simply rub gently into your roots, work through your dry hair + style. voila!

now, know that i do use natural, botanical oils to add shine + soothe frayed ends {the same magical plant-based oils i use for face + body} and i use dry shampoo. with ingredients plucked from nature, this product is sweet-scented, eco-friendly + compact {so easy-to-pack}. here we have 4 fab vegan, non-toxic + cruelty-free choices:


green + gorgeous

green + gorgeous has a fantastic, light + organic powder to freshen + revive your lion’s mane. beautifully scented, with eco-friendly, cardboard packaging. ingredients include arrowroot powder, rice powder, shavegrass powder, natural clay + essential oils.

on hot summer days, this little pocket-sized, powerful product was always by my side; it’s both convenient + effective.

their petite travel sizes are perfect for nomadic hearts traveling with carry-on luggage only!

little barn apothecary

little barn apothecary offers a nurturing dry shampoo to help refresh our scalps and rid our strands of grease + grime. a light, flower essence, corn starch + pink clay make for glory days.

what exactly does a nurturing dry shampoo mean? dry shampoo allows us to wash our hair less because wet washing often can strip our skin + our locks of their natural glow + luster by washing away natural oils needed to keep dry hair + skin hydrated. but we want to keep our bath + beauty products clean + toxin-free: so just say no to harmful ingredients like talc, silicone + phenoxyethanol.



captain blankenship

captain blankenship if it’s good enough for the mermaids of the world, then it’s good enough for yours truly.

i’ll admit, it took me a while to remember the name of this all-natural and organic bath + beauty label. but they do make out-of-this-world, efficacious hair care products. formulated with organic + non-toxic ingredients in sustainable, reusable + recyclable packaging. ingredients include arrowroot powder, kaolin with palmarosa oil + rose geranium essential oils.

it’s okay to want a good hair day, my friends; the captain gets you to where you want to go on your hair voyages!


alder is a new-york-based, plant-strong brand that makes fantastic natural products, and this texture powder restores volume to lazy locks while helping to nurture your scalp with ingredients like sea clay, kaolin, shavegrass powder, rice powder and eucalyptus + lime essential oils.

herbal extracts yield high-performing products that will perk up even the most taxed locks. and they smell like a summer breeze! who doesn’t want to smell like summer {before the sultry subway ride, that is!}? here a good hair day, there a good hair day!

dry shampoo alder new york.jpg

{don’t forget the tip} why choose a “clean beauty” product with fair trade, vegan + organic ingredients? conventional products are made with hazardous ingredients like paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, and formaldehyde. these ingredients bio-accumulate in our bodies leading to illness, infertility and cancer. choose natural products with certified organic ingredients free of synthetic fragrances and free of man-made chemicals. good for your hair, good for your health!

remember eco boys + girls, we speak not of dry shampoo in aerosol cans. aerosol cans deplete our ozone layer + end up in our landfills. we are most definitely talking about the dry shampoo powder, found in little cylindrical cardboard containers + sometimes in recycled plastic bottles, but jump on that paper-based, biodegradable container always first. want to learn more about clean + safe products? click here! and follow made safe on ig.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

eco brands: 7 joggers to live in this winter season


joggers, the modern classic, with their soft fabrics, tapered legs + elastic, ever-so-forgiving waistbands, who can ask for anything more? this fall and winter, stay warm + cozy in the year’s most enduring + endearing pants: the jogger. here are seven eco fashion labels bringing us fair trade, ethically made + organic textiles to create the trousers that keep on giving.

amour vert

this los angeles based eco fashion label brings us affordable, black ribbed joggers, made of modal, for easy breezy style. wear ‘em with sneakers or wear ‘em with heels, but you’ll definitely be wearing them for comfort + style.


this paris designed natural brand with a commitment to clean production brings us simple, sexy garments including joggers in white, nude + black. oh, and if your heart desires tangerine or canary yellow velour joggers, well, velour joggers you may have, right at your fingertips.

krochet kids

this organic cotton jogger comes from the ethical fashion label, krochet kids, founded by the infamous male trio creating jobs around the world and bringing us those fab hand-knit beanies. here, these beautiful joggers are hand sewn in peru and come in a happy shade of blue, for those of you missing your jeans, but still drawn to the undeniable allure of the jogger.

jan n june

from hamburg, with love, the dymanic female duo behind jan n june bring us one of my fave designs: a slim, relaxed fit jogger with the most flattering cut, and yes, pockets. organic cotton, in nude + black.


new york based sustainable label offers yoga apparel, atheisure wear and gorgeous everyday basics in organic cotton + bamboo including high-waisted trousers and these fabulous, i-dream-of-genie slouchy joggers.

people tree

this u.k. fair trade brand offers organic cotton trousers {in black + navy} with a weighty feel which adds a sense of luxe to the essential day wear piece.  for girls who want comfort + style from their trousers.

theo the label

this independent australian clothing label offers hand-crafted cotton joggers with the most fantastic pockets in the world. oh, the places we will go and the things we will carry in our perfect pockets!

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

eco boutique: by the sea


i hear an unfamiliar sound in the background. "what's that?" i ask. "wild chickens," comes the answer.

when kathryn letson, founder of eco lifestyle brand by the sea, decided she wanted to see change in her life, she really meant it. over ten years ago she made a decision, and like a tide washing over her life, every aspect would be affected, her entire life eventually transformed.

this new life would prove to be a slower life, a greener life, and a happier life.

sometimes we are catapulted onto a new path suddenly, other times change happens over a life span, and sometimes life puts everything into a blender for us, and we have to decide which direction this new mix of events is pointing us towards. for me, the collusion of slow fashion + plant-based eating that set me on the path to wellness; for kathryn, it was a decision to leave a lucrative career in new york within the fast-fashion industry, to embrace a new life in a new locale, and to build a sustainable company from the ground up.

this brand is a design + aesthetic experience awaiting your participation. this is by the sea

"there are places that you're called to," kathryn is telling me from her home in hawaii.

i couldn't agree more.


island living suits kathryn. she was only eleven when she first experienced the lush landscape of hawaii with her grandmother, but the memory stayed with her. later in life, when contemplating a move, it seemed like the perfect milieu to start anew. it's this backdrop that influences her relaxed, feminine line of fair trade, handmade apparel + home goods for free spirits. 

this summer while i was road tripping through france, i had one thought on repeat in my mind: i'd love a white, billowy dress for long days of exploring under the sun, a crisp little number for sandy days at the beach or park days with friends.

my mind had conceived of an ethereal white dress made of organic cotton*, made by happy hands. it's exactly at this time that an unexpected connection occurred with by the sea, a line of beautiful, ethically-produced home goods and a gorgeous selection of organic cotton summer dresses including a flowing, ivory frock, exactly like the one i imagined: a handcrafted marvel.

when my inner self is in alignment, then my outer world starts to align, too.

from the beginning, kathryn aspired to be more than a brand offering beautiful apparel; she wanted to create a company in which the process of making clothing + textiles was healthy for everyone involved. she shares, "when my inner self is in alignment, then my outer world starts to align, too."

kathryn follows the tenets of sacred commerce, an idea that embraces choice + responsibility at its core and a belief that every person is valued throughout the supply chain. "everyone has a job, and that job is important. there is no hierarchy in sacred commerce," she shares. not only is she taking care of her workers, she's also tending to the needs of her customers.

"fast fashion is like mcdonald's for the skin," kathryn ruminates. she offers the reminder that what we place on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream {this is called dermal absorption}. hence, kathryn built a business that's akin to farm-to-table cuisine. she sources organic textiles + her entire supply chain is transparent, considering all people involved in production, from the harvesters, to the weavers + the sewers.

now, here's my favorite part about kathryn's story {because i love learning how people come to adopt their dreams, how they choose one path in life over another, like adopting a puppy at the pound}: i wanted to know how exactly does one come to a decision with so many wonderful options, all of them barking, begging for your attention?

i asked myself, ‘what would you like to do?’ i decided i was going to create my own job based on my passions.

i ask her how she came to this path as an eco entrepreneur, as a fashion designer, as a social media manager + marketer, as the person who seemingly does it all. and i love her answer, "i asked myself, 'what would you like to do?' i decided i was going to create my own job based on my passions. i am the prince of fashion: he did everything, and i do everything."

it makes sense that this multi-tasking woman has created so many multi-tasking items in her line, including charming, hand-blocked sheets. my bedding is all white, and the only color i've brought into my living space exists in the shape of green plants + antique books of varying muted tones. adding printed bedding is like adding a bouquet of flowers to any room. i love the subtle color palette + intricate patterns of each handmade piece.

by the sea's organic cotton sheets are made with a tight weave, making it a hardy companion for picnics {as a picnic blanket, it's big enough to fit all your friends + all those healthy eats too}, and its pretty enough to be hung as a curtain or used as a tablecloth {which i love to do}. the pillowcases are made with a lighter cotton fabric; they are ever so soft, and the blankets are light + deliciously cozy: all bedding is made with masterly craftsmanship, natural dyes + exquisite details.

in addition to women's wear + accessories, the line has grown to include woven + knits, as well as bedding + kitchen accessories {all fair trade items, all gots certified + some made with recycled cotton}. they have the loveliest clutches + wristlets {i have declared my love for clutches big + small here, but i'll say it again: i do a travel pouch love}. these clutches are perfect for artists + adventurers on the go: organize anything + everything in their colorful or monochromatic options.

{don't forget the tip} *conventional products + clothing carry toxins that are absorbed through our skin and can negatively impact our health + the health of the workers producing the goods {the chemicals in coloring dyes, scouring agents + industrial detergents have been linked to skin rashes, hormone disruption + cancer}. kathryn's entire line is made using only natural, non-toxic textiles + dyes. 

greening your home can seem like a daunting task if done all at once; take your time + choose one category or room at a time {green bath + beauty products, household cleansers, home goods}. for me, bedding was very important, and finding a label that has items in every category makes life that much easier. hop on over to by the sea for green living options for every room in your house. 

{images by cats like scotch}


{eco beauty} super natural: a green + cruelty-free morning routine

50 natural, vegan + cruelty-free beauty products

one of my fave fashion icons is diane keaton; i love her la-di-da, screwball persona clad in relaxed chinos, patterned neckties + bowler hats {diane later shared in her autobiography that her wardrobe choices were inspired by real life exploits + the street style of new york: she pieced together her off-beat + brilliant boy-meets-girl ensembles herself that were used in movies she starred in}.

diane keaton is my girl crush. probably because she represents the ultimate form of beauty to me: she exudes joy. i believe her most beautiful physical asset is her joyfulness, her positive energy + her smile {and that laugh!}.

and honestly, i love what she has had to say about beauty + acceptance of self over the years: 

diane keaton_.jpg

in a 2014 interview with vogue u/s diane was asked, "do you think there's an age at which you learn to accept the way you look?" her candid response was, "i don't think so. i think the more distracted you are, the better you're off in terms of looking at yourself."

see, self-acceptance, well, there's a secret to it all. and this is what i know about it.

i've been a busy gal for most of my life {with the biggest portion of my life devoted to volunteering + working in the field of education with inner city youth}, and with that, i've often felt that i haven't had time to dwell on any possible physical flaws that might exist. and to be honest, i don't subscribe to the idea of flaws: i believe we're all born innately beautiful, exactly the way we were supposed to come together. because god doesn't make mistakes.

i came to understand long ago that confidence can be equated with beauty. and when we compare ourselves to others, we forget to focus on our own light + innumerable strengths, and all of the beauty we each possess.

in truth, i feel most confident when i'm healthy + happy. and i'm usually feeling most joyous when i'm contributing to the happiness + well-being of those around me. as for my health, this starts from the inside out, and is reflected in my skin. as a plant advocate, i like to eat the plants, and i like to wear the plants.

i love to use products that promote clear + dewy skin. our skin is host to myriad species including bacteria, yeast + fungi. good bacteria informs our skin cells to create our own antibiotics that kill off harmful bacteria, however an imbalance in our skin's microbiome, due to harsh chemicals found in commercial products or an overly sanitized way of life, can disrupt our bodies natural acid mantle + lead to break outs, acne, ecsema or rosacea.

my morning routine consists of the bare minimum: toner {does everyone know about the magic of toners?}, lip balm, plant oils as moisturizers + a little mascara. 


if i'm feeling fancy, i'll put a little bronzer + eyeliner on. for me, confidence comes from feeling good about the way i'm presenting myself to me. i've put together this list of fave products that support your natural beauty + long-term health. i've test driven some great, plant-based brands. each product listed here is made sans fillers, additives, petrochemicals + preservatives, instead each is made with love from active ingredients including fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, flowers + berries.

without further ado, these are my top natural beauty brands {50 distinct eco brands in all} + my fave vegan products from each cruelty-free company: 

{soap bars} s/he studio // scratch goods // dr. bronner's // osmia organics

{facial cleansers + exfoliators} root science // precious skin elixirs // shamanuti // aster + bay

{toner} poppy + someday // herbivore botanicals // french girl organics // kani

{facial oils + moisturizers} kahina // pelle beauty // my skin + bones // mun // poetic blend

{mascara} pacifica // w3ll people // lily lolo // jane iredale 

{eyeliner} w3ll people // bwc 

{blush + bronzer} antonym // devita 

{lip gloss} juice beauty // 100% pure // emani

{lip balm} unearth malee // ellovi // hurraw // mi me

{body moisturizers} forager + this list of 4 fab lotions will keep your skin super nourished + moisturized.

{make up brushes} eco tools // alima pure 

{dry shampoo} lulu organics is tops. here's a list of my 4 fave dry shampoos + how to apply so you don't look like someone threw a snowball at your head. i just tried this dry shampoo by mullein + sparrow from trunk collective; it has a dark hue for the brunettes of the world + is chocolate scented for the cocoa lovers of the world {comes in a teeny tiny container for travelers packing light}.

{wet shampoo + bar shampoo} here's a list of 6 amazing eco shampoos to keep your tresses shiny + strong. 

{leave-in conditioner + hair texturizer} yarok // acure // eco sevi // captain blankenship

{don't forget the tip} when it comes to choosing bath + beauty products that are made with pure, safe + organic ingredients, i turn to my favorite experts {these gals will never lead you astray, from lipstick to foundations, they're the real deal}: andrea at organic beauty lover yenny at eco chic beauty trish at ni hao new york

petit vour remains my numero uno for clean + cruelty-free beauty where you can find most of the goods listed here, yes, all in one place. hop to the right side bar here at finny + dill for a list of more eco apothecaries or scroll down if you're on your phone. and don't forget that knowledge is power, so get some of that good info + learn the truth about conventional beauty products by reading no more dirty looks or not just a pretty faceuntil next time, stay green dear hearts!

{header image + artwork by ev // made in the usa zip pouch by talented designer + artist


{eco brand} by signe: sensual, feminine sportswear

i read that we wear only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. i have to wonder, what is the root of all this repetition? after all, with the exception of a few stragglers, aren't we the shepherds who corraled all of those pieces into our own closets? i have one guess: comfort.

what if all of our most comfortable clothes, the clothes with wonderfully yielding waistbands {aka stretch waistbands}, and our softest clothes were also the handsomest pieces in our wardrobe? what if each + every piece in your closet was so comfortable + enticing, you weren't limited to 20%?

ladies, meet the sensual + pragmatic pieces you'll want to wear 100% of the time. by signe is the eponymous fashion label of signe rødbro, and her mind is the creative laboratory where luxe minimalist designs seem to spring eternal + look books spout tops, bottoms + dresses in soft earthen hues. this sustainable luxury sportswear label is made in denmark, all under one roof, providing full transparency from beginning to end, along with the unexpected combo of sexy + comfortable wardrobe staples. this is signe:

if every fashion company followed fair trade standards, with respect to people, planet + animals from seed to shirt, this is what each company would look like. need no-nonsense basics or a special piece for a grand event? this is where ethical fashion meets all of your sartorial needs. and this is how they do it. from our friends at by signe:


by signe stands for honest and sustainable fashion without compromise. our entire design process is gathered under one roof as we wish to keep the handcraft and quality safe within our own production. this ensures full control of all parameters and quality of the entire process. our in-house production in denmark ensures absolute ethical security in a non-discriminating, healthy and safe environment. 


when selecting materials we strive for all fabrics to be organic and certified by the global organic textile standard {GOTS} which is recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. GOTS defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.


whenever possible, we keep our fabrics unbleached and only in natural colours. if a textile is whitened, this is achieved with oxybleach, which is a low impact safe method of whitening based on oxygen that leaves no residue. when the finished fabric is GOTS certified, it ensures that there has not been utilized any heavy metal dyes, finishing chemicals or other toxic chemicals & they are all free from pesticides. in europe, the girls have all the comfort + beauty they desire in one fair trade, organic + animal friendly brand. signe is enlivening the world of slow fashion.


cotton: organic cotton is a natural, soft and healthy fiber for the skin, which offers a maximum of comfort. we use only cotton fabrics which are GOTS certified as organic. to meet these criteria, at least 95% of the fabric composition must be produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. organic cotton is grown using methods that have a low impact on the environment. the soil fertility is maintained and the amount of water needed for the production is minimized by 70% compared to regular cotton productions. organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 

bamboo: bamboo fiber fabric hold natural characteristics of being a luxurious, soft and breathable material, it is anti-bacterial and long-lasting in both texture and color. bamboo grows freely without chemicals and it is a fast growing plant with very little water consumption. in the process of converting the bamboo fibers to yarn, chemicals {sodium hydroxide} are needed and therefore it cannot be certified as organic. this is our only exception. all fabrics with bamboo content are certified by OEKOTEX 100, as being free from harmful chemicals. in addition, bamboo fiber is a biodegradable textile material. as a natural cellulose fiber, it can be completely biodegraded in soil, and the decomposition process does not cause any pollution to the environment.

style and a little lesson in agriculture for us today too!

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

{images c/o by signe}