{eco beauty} oui shave: the eco way to shave

i can remember the exact day i switched to non-disposable razors. it was a warm + sunny day ten years ago. i walked into my friend's bathroom + saw a metal razor on his counter. i picked it up, handling it with the same curiosity + tentativeness of a child, turning it around in my hand + feeling the weight of it. and a light went on in my head.

you see, there were two concerns nagging me about those bubblegum-pink, throw-away razors i'd been using since i first started shaving back in high school. first: the fact that this product was not made to last was a glaring reminder that grooming was far from a sustainable practice. each time i tossed one into the trash bin, the short lifespan {aka planned obsolescence} of this product seemed grotesquely obvious.

every year, americans alone throw away two billion disposable razors, according to the epa. these razors are not as innocuous as one might think: plastic is a petroleum-based material made from a nonrenewable resource with a heavy environmental footprint. biodegradable it is not. that's a lot of pink plastic in our landfills, my friends.

the second concern was that the companies that produce conventional, throw-away razors test on animals. and this was not something i was willing to contribute to as a conscientious consumer. so on this day, my friend gifted me his razor, and i skipped home happily with my new, sustainable answer to shaving. i've only had to replace the blade four times. that was ten years ago.

it's finally time to welcome a new razor into my life. today, ladies, we have beautiful, eco options.

oui shave is a woman-owned business founded by eco entrepreneur karen young. karen thought her ingrown hairs + irritated skin were caused by her own sensitive skin, but a little sleuthing uncovered a host of answers. and karen, a savvy problem-solver, decided to create a sustainable solution with green, clean products that are gentle on the planet + oh-so-good for the skin.

from founder, karen young, at oui shave:

i took a closer look at labels. shaving creams are laden with hormone disruptors (triethanolamine or TEA), foaming ingredients (sulfates), and skin irritants (isopentane, butylated hydroxytoluene), as well as synthetic fragrances. i came upon the first razor that women began shaving with - the safety razor: a beautifully crafted, single blade razor that provided an effortless shave. in fact, the multi blade razors we've come to know do more harm than good by cutting our hairs below the skin's surface. hello ingrowns.

at oui shave, we pair beautifully crafted safety razors, made by a centuries old german manufacturer, with rich shave oils, and all natural products created for women, by women. our mission? to make shaving not only luxurious, but a safe skincare option. our products are natural, plant derived, and free of synthetic fragrances. 

to top it off, your new razor lasts over ten years, and yes, you can use it everywhere you shave. 

alright friends, it's time to do the safety dance: dive in to the loveliest natural oils that will leave your skin feeling velvety soft + the most eco way to shave. 

{don't forget the tip} remember, most conventional beauty products + personal care products test on animals + use toxic ingredients. if you're interested in learning more, pop on over here or take action by signing a petition to eliminate harmful ingredients like this one. ready to come clean + go green? hop on over to the right side bar of finny + dill for a list of eco apothecaries carrying all of the best natural products for you + your family. here are five more easy ways to green your bathroom. tarry not, boys + girls!

until next time, stay green, dear hearts!

{image via spring}