{simple pleasures} non incliné: unbowed

Recognizing that sustainable development, democracy and peace are indivisible is an idea whose time has come.
— Wangari Maathai

float on: this little floating house docked on the chicago river + this solar-paneled home {click on image for a peek into chicago boat living}; both enlarge my imagination. here's a fantastic documentary directed by justin cerone: a peek into the world of sustainable energy + solar power{sustainability is defined as the endurance of systems + processes}. learn how the wave of the future is actually the ray of the future {get it?!}

whether we're harnessing the power of water, wind + solar energy; propagating the importance of planting trees like humanitarian + environmental activist wangari maathai; or reusing pre-loved clothes, our decisions matter.

{eco apparel: wearing an entirely thrifted outfit here. chambray top {you'll see this top again + again} that is a part of my capsule wardrobe with pre-loved striped terry cloth shorts + a woven straw clutch {this clutch will be making many an appearance this summer on f+d as the oversized design fits my books, snacks, phone + more inside and it adds the perfect pop of texture to my summer outfits}. military green canvas platforms from vegan brand olsen haus. walk for miles + miles in these comfy bad boys}

{eco summer picks} stay cool with 4 eco classics

summer in the city: a few fresh, handmade delights to keep you cool in the daytime and at nighttime, too.

{the maxi dress} they are amazingly wearable + they make life a little easier {less time with my head in the closet, more time with my head in a book}. there's no mixing + matching, just slip it on and go. organic cotton maxi dresses make life better for the cotton farmers who work free from exposure to harmful pesticides + herbicides as well as for those who benefit from wearing garments made from natural textiles.

{the straw tote} i have a thrifted straw tote bag from africa that i take with me everywhere during the summer months. occasionally, a passerby on the street will stop to ask about it, and i refer them to some of my fave artisan tote bags including the one pictured above. it's such a simple way to add a little texture + interest to a summer outfit. straw tote bags also expand to hold beach towels, sunscreen + snacks, all of your fave warm-weather essentials.

{the metallic sandals} you know how they say time is a panacea for all? well, i agree. and i say silver sandals are a panacea for all ensembles. i have a vintage pair that i wear with skirts + tops during sunshiny hours, and when the moon comes out, i slip on a little lbd and i keep these sweet, smart sandals on all through the night.

{the earrings} i love being stopped when i'm out + about, and asked about my earrings. i never wear matching earrings, and i have more than two piercings, so this inevitably starts a conversation in which i ask, "which one do you like?" as an eco-ambassador for slow fashion, i love sharing information about the artisans that lovingly craft the pieces i wear. give me a minimalist pair of recycled metal earrings any day. 

{1. veryan organic cotton wrap dress from just fashion // 2. reclaimed silver bar earrings by mini metal // 3. indego africa handwoven banana leaf bag from just fashion // 4. 100% pure natural sunscreen // 5. beyond skin silver vegan ankle strap sandals}