{eco eats} sustainable france: 12 top paris vegan cafes

vegan cafés are little worlds unto themselves, where inventive chefs offer memorable gourmet cuisine and patrons can respect + savor each individual ingredient. and if you happen upon the right farm-to-table establishments, they're the places where inspired, nutritious menu offerings are made with organic + local produce and they're made with love + joy.

in paris there are a number of extraordinary dining options for the plant strong + the plant curious. i've experienced these inviting, indie cafes, had the chance to chat with the infinitely devoted + unflappable entrepreneurs who opened these fine, vegan venues and witnessed the spartan sense of discipline necessary to run a fruitful business.

i am pleased to present a scrumptious selection of healthy eating options in the city of light {note: there are ten fully vegan restaurants listed. days of operation are listed, however click on links or call ahead to confirm hours + holiday closings}. superfoods right this way:

cafe 1.jpg

1/ my kitch'n paris {fully vegan}: jennifer erics is a star in the french vegan community. jennifer is the remarkable, multi-faceted chef, author + advocate of healthy living + animal rights. she is the owner of this sassy cafe, where an explosion of 80's paraphernalia peppers the interior. step into a time warp as you enter into jennifer's pink + purple world: where michael jackson reigns + prince looks up at you from lovingly collaged + hand-lacquered tables. this is the place for good music, fresh smoothies, comfort food + perfectly seasoned soups. closed mondays + open for holidays / 82 rue lemercier, paris 75017

2/ gentle gourmet {fully vegan}: the gentle gourmet is a fine dining restaurant + bar with sleek, minimalist decor, overlooking the port de l'arsenal + the river seine. it is the brain child of deborah brown pivain who has been serving up vegan cooking for thirty years. deborah is a passionate chef, gardener + animal activist cooking up her "edible gems" {fresh, seasonal produce} to create classic french cuisine, green juices + traditional desserts including macarons. closed mondays + tuesdays / reservations recommended / 24 boulevard de la bastille, paris 75012

3/ hanks {fully vegan}: a rustic, sun-lit cafe, hanks {have a nice karma} is the perfect casual milieu for reading + relaxing. a small menu of four tasty hankburgers {get it?!} with fries draw in the crowds day + night. throngs of hungry hearts line up to satiate their cravings for the delicious plant-based recipes of proprietor + trailblazer pierre doleans. a bright, happy place to lunch or dine. seating now available upstairs. comfort food + a host of dessert options include moist carrot cake + chocolate mousse. open daily / 55 rue des archives, paris 75003 

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4/ east side burgers {vegan + vegetarian}: the burgers from east side keep me up at night. and by that, i mean that they are so good, i can't stop thinking about them long after i leave. the upstairs ordering area is a sliver of a space; not to worry, there's a charming downstairs seating area to tackle one of the city's best burgers. co-owners stéphane crinon + teresa moya know how to please a crowd with comfort food sans the calories, including hot dogs, quiches + onion rings. closed on mondays + sundays / 60 boulevard voltaire, paris 75011

5/ sol semilla {fully vegan}: founder jean françois hämmerle created a joyful alternative to conventional food choices + modern-day modes of consumption via his warm, tranquil milieu with communal seating + comfy wooden barrels masquerading as stools. the bright teal exterior mirrors the vivid hues of the dishes they're serving up. menu offerings include exquisite salads with seasoned veggies full of color + flavor as well as zesty soups which are also available dry-packaged for purchase. closed mondays / 23 rue des vinaigriers, paris 75010

6/ cafe ginger {fully vegan}: this quaint, little cafe is located near the place de bastille. its bright sea green facade makes it easy to spot from the outside. inside you'll find a serene setting with traditional table seating as well as family-style bench seating for a convivial, shared food experience. there's a distinct homespun vibe with original artwork adorning the walls. menu offerings include rice plates + fresh produce in full-bodied salads. closed monday with limited weekday hours / 9 rue jacques coeur, paris 75004

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7/ 42 degrees {fully vegan}: together, emilia lombardo + head chef fabien borgel opened this sophisticated, raw food restaurant in paris. food in its raw state retains all of its the nutrients, vitamins + enzymes that can be reduced with cooking. if you're wondering whether food can be truly appetizing + filling when in its raw form, the answer is unequivocally yes. uncooked meals are a flavorful + a stimulating culinary experience. menu changes daily. zucchini pasta, soups + sweet parfaits for desserts. open daily / 109 rue du faouborg possonniere, paris 75009

8/ le potager du marais {vegan + vegetarian}: squeeze in! this is a matchbox-sized venue in the heart of the marais district. you'll be enveloped by the full french cafe experience in this pint-sized, yet ever so charming establishment. classic french cuisine including myriad cheese options + crème brûlée too. closed mondays + tuesdays / reservations recommended / 24 rue rambuteau, paris 75013

9/ cafe pinson {vegetarian + vegan / gluten-free}: this is a hip, atmospheric venue, with exposed stone walls + creative design details including hardwood floors blended with beautiful ceramic tile floors + recycled palet crates-turned-tables. owner agathe audouze, a naturopathy, concocts his menu offerings with "high vitality" super foods including kale, spirulina + sprouts. hardy salads + full-flavored soups. open daily / 6 rue de forez, paris 75003

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10/ le grenier de notre dame {vegetarian + vegan}: located in the latin quarter, this was the first vegetarian + macrobiotic restaurant in paris. the two-story, boho-chic cafe + bar came to be in 1978 {that's a lot of veggies being served up over the years!}. the plant-adorned cafe has had the same chef, monsieur abib, since its inception. there's something to be said about consistency. hardy + savory vegan options made with local produce include falafel patties. limited dessert menu. open daily / 18 rue de la bûcherie, paris 75005

11/ le comptoir general {vegetarian offerings can be prepared as vegan options}: along the banks of the canal saint martin + beyond a humble entrance unfurls a labyrinth of rooms in a refurbished 600 sq-meter barn, each more captivating than the last. spirits lounge, cafe + espresso bar {organic, fair trade beans served up} intersect in a sun-drenched, lofted ballroom decked out in colonial decor + disco balls. on site is a plant shop + thrift shop as well. meetings for amnesty international + greenpeace are hosted here. a bright, airy + jovial atmosphere. menu offerings include cuisine from india, vietnam + west africa. open daily / 80 quai de jemmapes, paris 75010

12/ vegan follies {fully vegan}: this patisserie is the place for rich, decadent cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies + chocolate confections. the proprietress has a sense of humor and names each pastry + sweet treat with a fun, quirky name like "james brownie" + "red astaire" + "john lemon". clever indeed. menu offerings have expanded to include a small selection of soups + sandwiches. open daily / 53 rue mouffetard, paris 75015

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*bonus/ le recyclerie {vegan options//vegetarian offerings can be prepared as vegan options}: from the folks that brought us comptoir general: former railway station turns cafe, bar + vegetable garden. ornano train station is now a shiny, happy space, full of sunshine + freshly farmed ingredients. this loft-like venue can fit you, your friends + a small village inside. upcycled furniture including velvet couches upstairs + retro tables aplenty downstairs; outdoor seating available during the warm-weather months + yes, vegan/gluten-free options on the menu. try the soup of the day + the vegan pizza with the works. open monday - sunday / 83 boulevard ornano, paris 75018

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as our friends at cafe pinson remind us, "oui, il est possible de manger des plats bio, bons, beaux et healthy." {yes, it's possible to eat organic food; good, beautiful + healthy food.} get ready for a tasty, culinary adventure in paris!