eco fashion: ethical basics, briefs + bloomers

Nature thrives when there is balance in what we consume and contribute.
— Founders of Liass

even the birds + the bees wear ‘em! actually, it’s the boys + the girls that are wearing them. well most of us do, and if you’re looking for a pair of eco, ethically-produced + vegan underwear, consider yourself covered. get it?

here we have ten fab sustainable lingerie + underwear labels offering sweet, stylish + sexy choices: with fabrics chosen based on their environmental footprint, durability + longevity. each eco company has vetted and chosen factories that ensure their workplace is free of child labor + forced labor, their workers are in a safe working space, and each worker is paid a living wage.

why should you choose organic cotton and textiles? cotton is a pesticide laden crop. “approximately $2 billion worth of chemicals are sprayed on cotton crops worldwide every year, half of which are designated toxic by the world heath organization.” with these finished fabrics placed directly next to our most sensitive body parts + directly on our skin {the body’s largest organ}, our bodies absorb these chemicals. there are lots of good reasons to choose organic. and ladies looking for safe hygiene products, this one’s for you.

check out the bottom of this post for more information about why it’s important to create a greener, cleaner wardrobe that keeps you and your loved ones, farmers and the garment workers safe and healthy.

alright frisky friends, check out your new favorite basics!

1. amaella lingerie // uk

from co-founders lara + julie: amaella is made by people we know and care about using the finest quality gots organic cotton and free from toxic chemicals. at amaella, we are about carefully crafting timeless classics that you will love for ever. we are proud to be running a social enterprise with the mission of encouraging ethical practices in the fashion industry by making our clothes using sustainable and ethical sources. we want to bring some patience into our impatient world – a world in which customers see clothes as disposable.

materials: organic cotton // designed in the u.k., made in the u.k. + portugal

2. baserange // denmark + france

from co-founders marie-louise + blandine: founded in 2012, baserange is a line of modern basics with an emphasis on clean lines and easy silhouettes. the company utilizes both natural fibers and recycled content. baserange believes that a commitment to clean production will minimize environmental impact and benefit both the producer and the user.

materials: bamboo + organic cotton // designed in toulouse + copenhagen, made in porto + odemis

3. liass // new york

from founder emelie: growing up in scandinavia, nature, and sustainability has always been close to home. it’s important for us to create with nature and our future in mind. we strive to leave as little impact on nature as possible and encourage our customers to do the same. we have thoughtfully sourced our fabrics from u.s.-based suppliers with similar values to our own.

materials: organic cotton, soy fibers derived froom production waste {made from soybean hulls} + recycled polyester // designed in nyc, made in new york in a women-owned factory

4. olly lingerie // france

from co-founders clémentine + mathilde: an eco-conscious underwear line inspired by a simplified and mindful every day. we imagined the lingerie of our dreams: pretty, comfortable and above all, eco-responsible. at olly, we are convinced that every woman has the right to wear lingerie that takes care of her body. olly uses gots certified organic cotton and nontoxic oeko-tex certified dyes.

materials: organic cotton // designed in france, made in hungary

5. people tree // uk

from founder safia: a pioneer in sustainable fair trade fashion, our story started in 1991. we launched our first fashion range to meet the global organic textile standard certified by the soil association and were the first fashion company to be awarded the world fair trade organisation product label. these certifications guarantee people tree’s dedication and compliance to the principles of fair trade, covering fair wages, good working conditions, transparency, environmental best practice and gender equality. {editors’s note: be sure to read safia minney’s slow fashion books slave to fashion + naked fashion}

materials: organic cotton // designed + made in the u.k.

6. pico // uk

from founders phoebe + isobel: pico produces essential, everyday goods, which can be traced right back to the source. we began with the first things to be put on in the morning - super soft and simple, everyday underwear. we work directly with a small fairtrade factory in southern india, using organic cotton sourced from fairtrade farmers’ cooperatives. underwear for men & women.

materials: organic cotton // designed in the u.k., made in india

7. underprotection // denmark

from stephan + sunniva: we love women, all kinds, all sizes and our goal is to make you feel as beautiful and comfortable as possible. We use sustainable materials and support fair working conditions as fair wage is a human right. we have set out to challenge the conception of what sustainable fashion can be, and each season we will prove to you that it really can be everything we wish for! We want to make a difference by giving our customers the possibility to combine ethics and aesthetics when shopping.

materials: banana leaf fiber, recycled polyester, lyocell and organic cotton // designed in denmark, made in india

8. organic basics // denmark

from alexander, mads f.r., cristoffer, mads h.r.: our number one rule for making clothes is to design everything to last. that means investing in quality fabrics and workmanship - but it also means designing with simplicity and function in mind. we only work with trusted, certified factory partners - these are the good guys. they have the same sustainable vision as us - and follow it through by continuously reducing their environmental footprint. underwear for men + women.

materials: organic cotton, recycled nylon + silvertech // designed in denmark, made in turkey, portugal, austria + italy

9. woron // denmark

from sustainable sister duo arina + anya: vegan underwear and fashion favorites that will stay in your wardrobe season after season. our aim is to create the lingerie pieces that will be the first thing you want to put on and the last thing you take off! it is comfort without sacrificing feminine shaping, fashion or style - and style without sacrificing sustainability. we are very passionate about our work and it is very important for us to feel good about every step we take. we are sustainably conscious from the crafting, to the handling of each product and finally to the timeless design that can stay in your wardrobe season after season - year after year.

materials: organic cotton + modal // designed in copenhagen, produced in hungary

10. pansy // california

from laura + rachel: pansy is an organic cotton underwear company. born from a need for comfy dreamy ethical undies, their organic cotton is grown and milled domestically and their underwear are designed and sewn locally. our products are made entirely of organically grown natural fibers and sewn in california without a sweatshop in sight. they are dyed without the use of toxins and made with lots and lots of love.

materials: organic cotton // designed + made in the usa

wear fair, wear organic

{don’t forget the tip} “farmers’ exposure to herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators have caused occupational illnesses and pesticide poisonings that amount to 3 million cases per year, resulting in twenty thousand poisoning deaths. not only to the workers and the farmers directly exposed to these chemicals suffer, but the land also accumulates these toxins.

“the result is soil toxicity, which makes growing crops harder and releases chemical run-off into our waterways. in addition, the textile industry affects the quality of the soil, as farmers try to keep up with demand and plant the same crop season after season, depleting biodiversity and natural crop rotation integral to soil health.”* land is a precious resource that we, as citizens, need to protect.

our demand for more goods equals a greater strain on our earth, depleting a precious resource and poisoning both water + air. remember, eco boys + girls, our everyday choices, decisions + buying habits have lasting effects. if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. and if you’re ready to buy, buy clean, green options like those listed here today.

looking for more options? here are two great eco roundups from my green closet + curiously conscious.

until next time, stay green dear hearts!

green crush: meet zahra of soulful seeds


meet zahra | soulful seeds

location | nashville, tennessee

eco voyage's green crush series showcases green living advocates who are committed to mindful lifestyles and dedicated to protecting both the environment + all those who inhabit planet earth. today we meet zahra, the ebullient wellness blogger behind soulful seeds blog + founder of women ministries online with a passion for growing spiritually + living healthfully. zahra is an ardent mental health advocate + a savvy slow fashion enthusiast who shares her tips for living that mindful lifestyle through faith, fitness, self love + vegan eats.


ev: what is one small action you might encourage others to take to live a more compassionate, cruelty-free lifestyle?

zahra: Choose to be aware! Many people are scared to know the implications of their current lifestyle on the planet, animals, and their own health. Instead of turning away information, try to absorb all the information you can; this will inevitably lead you to pursue a more aware and conscious lifestyle! Books to read include: How Not to Die: Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reserve Disease and Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life.


ev: tell us three personal qualities about yourself that you would never change?

zahra: Probably my compassion, work ethic and sensitivity! [Self love is an ongoing practice and Zahra offers insightful posts via her Mindful Lifestyle, Faith + Mental Health categories. She’ll help you continue to show yourself patience + compassion while striving for emotional, psychological + physical balance in your life via her thoughtful posts including 7 Prompts to Affirm Positive Thoughts and Overcoming Negative Thought Patterns.]


ev: how and why did you decide to go vegan and to pursue a green lifestyle? are there books/movies which you might recommend to others who are interested in learning more about the issues of animal rights and sustainability?

zahra: I love this question! I primarily sought out veganism because of the health benefits but was ultimately compelled to go vegan and spread my love for the lifestyle because of the environmental aspects of it. I actually have a whole article with ALL my favorite vegan resources I recommend to others interested in learning about the lifestyle!


work it 

ev: you create weekly content for your website and for social media; it takes a lot of time + dedication to sustain your own blog. what motivates you to do so? 

zahra: Amen to that! I stay motivated because I absolutely love the entire process from content creating to interacting with readers! It warms my heart to hear feedback from people reading my content and learning new things from it!

wear it

ev: describe your favorite outfit from head to toe including any favorite vegan fashion brands.

zahra: A jumpsuit from ASOS (thrifted from Thred Up - my favorite way to shop thrifted and second hand), paired with some vegan Birkenstocks, and some bracelets from Pura Vida!

into the calm

ev: what do you do to decompress when you're feeling a little stressed?

zahra: I go to a yoga class and workout! One of my favorite, soul-feeding things to do is look through my prayer journal for verses I highlight and delve into. This practice brings me closer to the Holy Word, and enhances my understanding of the Text in the context of my own life. Truthfully, when I am anxious or worried about something, the first place I go to is usually not God. I usually try to find hope from the encouragement of a friend or loved one, and though that is helpful, it truly isn’t sustainable. When I do eventually realize that and turn to GOD, I get an unparalleled source of hope. God has the answers. He might not reveal them all to us, but He has them in His hands, and this, my friends, is the ultimate source of hope.

get happy

God is infinitely more powerful than our fears and worries. He is always with us- you just need to let Him in to tap into the vast love, safety, and trust He provides.

ev: share four things that make you really happy.

zahra: The color yellow, sunflowers, the [show] The Office and my friends+ family. Volunteering and participating in community service allows you to connect with your environment and use your unique skills to help those around you. As an added benefit, engaging in service has been proven to be a wonderful way to boost emotional well being and professional skills! There are some great databases and resources for volunteer opportunities. Use these sites to find volunteer opportunities near you:

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a superhero

ev: if you could invite three people to a private dinner party, who would they be?

zahra: Pauli Murray [the American civil rights activist + lawyer, a women's rights activist, Episcopal priest, and author], Mother Teresa [the indefatigable Roman Catholic nun + Nobel laureate for her lifelong missionary work with sick children], and Miley Cyrus [singer, actress + animal rights activist]. [Editor’s note: now that’s one eclectic and fabulous mix of women! Count me in!]

ev: if you had one superpower, what would it be?

zahra: The ability to fly!

a beautiful mind

ev: how do you define beauty? 

zahra: Beauty is inherent in us ALL! The process of uncovering it and recognizing it is essential to everyone's self development!

say anything

ev: do you have a favorite quote or motto that inspires you?

zahra: Mine is "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle".

images c/o soulful seeds blog

find zahra here: website | instagram | facebook | twitter