{eco brand} collective: fewer, better things

this summer marks four years of my embarking on an ethical + sustainable journey. everything went green at this time: food, personal care products + my wardrobe {because the clothing industry is the second most polluting industry behind oil} and yes, it has been quite an eco adventure. 

in this time i've been searching high + low for the perfect tee.

you know the drill: fair trade, organic + natural textiles with low-impact dyes, and of course always cruelty-free. oh, and i'm a magnet for the colors black, white + gray. 

i have a few faves that travel with me everywhere: i like to wear my over-sized style saint modal, v-neck tee on long flights + and my comfy cotton, fair trade tee from wildlife works has the perfect cut so it's my fave basic for work or play. i've just discovered a new brand with a mission that every eco boy + girl will love. dig in, kids: 

collective is a sustainable fashion label providing beautiful basics crafted from organic cotton for everyday wear. complete transparency includes information about who made the product and where it was made {the site also provides stats that include the population of each country of origin as well as the unemployment rate}. so you know exactly where the textiles are coming from: there's knitwear from bolivia + nepal, jersery from turkey + tanzania, accessories from spain, and expert shirting occurs in the lush south american country honduras. so far, so good. 

from our friends at collective:

collective began with the steadfast belief that business and entrepreneurial enterprise, if done thoughtfully and conscientiously, can have an enormous positive impact on the betterment of peoples’ lives. it is against this backdrop we set our efforts to empower the people behind the label and bring sustainable growth opportunities to communities around the world.

with the majority of garment manufacturing concentrated in some of the poorest parts of the world, the clothing industry represents an enormous opportunity to create sustainable livelihoods and to lift communities out of poverty. our partners in honduras are a clear example that with a little bit of vision underpinned with a strong set of core values and a belief to make a difference, we can empower the entire supply chain for the better through trade.

knowing our purchases directly affect the farmers + workers who fashion our everyday clothes means that we approach purchases with eyes wide open. and this, my friends, is how we build an ethical wardrobe. 

get the goods right on over here

until next time, stay green, dear hearts!

{image via collective}