{simple pleasures} la ville venteuse: the windy city

She is novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.
— Mark Twain

la ville venteuse: the windy city is my hometown, and i've always felt lucky to grow up in such a vibrant city, despite the howling wind that comes off of lake michigan + sends pedestrians tumbling into each other or sliding across icy sidewalks during frosty winter months. 

what i love most about returning from travels abroad is the new lens through which i see chicago, specifically the architecture + the tourists {i never quite noticed all the beautiful strangers in this strange land until i became a wide-eyed voyager myself}. 

and i love all the familiar: my family + friends, the veg cafes offering savory comfort foods, and of course that brilliant skyline that has always captivated me. last month i had the opportunity to compose a little vegan guide to one of my fave cities in the world, chicago. find it here at vilda magazine.